View Full Version : The Unborn

08-03-09, 15:16
Anyone seen, am thinking of going to cinema to watch it tonight.

Is it worth my Ģ6.50 :p

08-03-09, 15:19
Yeah i went to see it yesterday. It was good actually, not particularly scary, it was jumpy in places..and tbh some parts were REALLY funny XD It was worth watching though :)

Lee croft
08-03-09, 15:25
i want to see this!!!!

08-03-09, 15:25
I saw it a few months ago, it is not very scary at all. Me and my friends laughed almost the whole way through. So if you looking for a very scary movie I would tell you to pass. :)

Ada the Mental
08-03-09, 15:26
I only want to see it because of Gary Oldman. But I think I'll just wait for the DVD.

08-03-09, 23:01
Just come back, and am very disappointed. Poor story line, never really gets you on the edge of your seat, or makes you jump of it.

The only bit that actually got me hooked on the film was in the last twenty minutes even that was nothing new or exciting.

I was hoping for a lot more than I actually got.

I might watch it again if it was on TV,and nothing else is on, but wont go out of my way to re-watch it.

08-03-09, 23:33
Mediocre movie but sure it was fun and thatīs all that counts imho.