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09-03-09, 00:08
...at least I think it was a dream. So a little while ago I went to take an afternoon nap. I was lying down, drifting in and out of consciousness, when I opened my eyes. Everything looked the same; I was looking out from under my hood (which I had up when I laid down) when all of a sudden my eyelids started twitching and I heard this rapid popping sound in my head, like firecrackers or something. It felt like I was experiencing sleep paralysis, except it felt like I was starting to float. Then I woke up....I think. Except it started again and I felt like I was being pushed off my bed and I fell onto the floor. I was covered in this grid of burns, like I had been on a grill or something. Then I woke up for real. Has anyone had something like this happen? I'm kinda worried I had a seizure or something, and the middle part with the burns was a dream or whatever. :(

09-03-09, 00:15
hmmm...weird:pI've had sleep paralysis before though.I couldn't physically move for about 10 seconds shortly after I woke up...it was terrifying!!It was like a ghost holding me down.I had some kind of a disturbing dream before I had woke up so maybe that had something to do with it

09-03-09, 00:16
Oh, and when I fully woke up I felt warm all over, but more so in different spots, like someone had just hugged me or something. So idk...

09-03-09, 00:20
So did you have the burns on you when you finally woke properly?

It could have been a mild seizure, what used to be known as Petit Mal, now called absences. This is when you black out for a few seconds or even minutes. My son used to have them, but grew out of them. He could be doing anything and just stop, even with eyes open. But he'd never know anything had happened unless he'd had a bad one and then felt a bit weak as from a deap sleep afterwards.

It could have been a dream or maybe a migraine even.

It's hard to tell unless you had a witness to tell you what was happening to you physically.

I have dreams where I felt like I was falling or being pushed and woke to find I had fallen out of bed.

If anything like this happens again, it may be a good idea to go to your doctor.

09-03-09, 00:21
No, no burns. But, like I said, I did feel warm all over. eh...

09-03-09, 00:24
I have dreams where I felt like I was falling or being pushed and woke to find I had fallen out of bed.

That's happened to me before as well! It scared the crap out of me!

@silver wolf

If this sort of thing happens again, then you should probably get it checked out, but for now it sounds like a dream to me.

09-03-09, 00:25
will do. ;)

09-03-09, 00:42
whoah :eek: thats intense

weirdest dream ive had are slo-mo falling dreams....stress relievers