View Full Version : Question regarding "Heroes: Season 2" - please help! Thanks!

09-03-09, 10:10

I just found out that on the 3rd disc of my "Heroes: Season 2"-box there is something wrong. It occurs in Chapter 7: 'Out of Time' during the scene where Peter Petrelli along with his Irish girlfriend is suddenly in the future. Apparantly there is a scene between him and his mother where his mother tells him that he has to use his Hiro-powers to stop the bomb. But that particular scene is NOT on my disc!!! :o :o

There is one glitch on that particular disc when Mohinder and Niki team up for the Company and want to get the syringe to stop the nightmare-man aka father of Matt. When Mohinder and Niki are talking the scene appears to be suddenly disrupted and the subtitles stay for a few seconds too long on the screen during the NEXT scene which is the one with Hiro back in Japan 1671. I believe that this is where those extra scenes should be.

Did anyone have a similar problem, please?


Bye for now