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09-03-09, 15:53
I was just thinking last night in light of the recent "Television Question" thread about some past creative solutions that I've come up with for some seemingly impossible problems. I was wondering if there was anyone else here who has ever come up with a really creative solution that they have implemented for doing something they wanted to do.

Back in High School, all I had was a mono television (single speaker - no RCA outputs). I also had a surround sound stereo system. I wanted to make the two work together. Looks impossible without a television sound output right? Well... I made one of sorts!! I took the television apart first and located the speaker wires - then, I took one of those RCA audio cables and cut one end of it off. Now I have something to work with.. Inside of a single channel (red for instance) there are two wires - just like any other speaker wire. Only difference is that they aren't side by side separately insulated, one is encased inside some insulation while the other is sort of "braided" around that. (like a TV coaxial cable). Anyhow.. with some creative wire stripping and taping, I made it so that I could connect one of those "RED" RCA wires to one of the TV's speaker wires - and the other "RED" RCA wire to the other TV speaker wire. Repeat this for the "WHITE" RCA wire, and now I have mono sound split to dual mono. I connected that to the stereo receiver and voila! TV sound was flowing beautifully from the stereo. :jmp:

09-03-09, 15:57
Hmmm the only ghetto rigging I've done recently was forcing a full size ATX motherboard into a Micro-ATX case with the use of a Dremel :whi:

09-03-09, 16:02
Hmm... I sometimes connected my stereo to my PC, but both were in separate rooms. I didn't want to carry the entire set to another room, so I just moved the speakers (one cord had to go outdoors through two windows for it to fit, the cables weren't that long), and strategically placed a couple of mirrors around corners so I could use the remote control from my lazy chair, aim it rather precisely at one of the mirrors and the signal'd be directed to the set's receiver. It took some practice, but worked :p

09-03-09, 16:15
nice nice :tmb:

so what about the standoffs on that motheboard irjudd? did they happen to line up or did you not use all of them (or any of them)? That kinda reminds me of when my heatsink clip broke on my recently dead dell machine. I just laid the whole box on the side to keep the heatsink in place.:p

09-03-09, 16:29
The computer is using half of the motherboard risers. So if I have to plug a stick of RAM in, I have to put my finger behind the motherboard to keep it from bending :p