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10-03-09, 03:27
Post 'em here! What experiences make you want to stay home? My worst one was a trip to Europe 2 summers ago. I was supposed to go with a friend, but due to complications ended up going w/ my French speaking grandma. I spent the two weeks visiting old french relatives and listening to french conversations for about 4 hours. Other highlights include a tour of the Paris sewers and being served live uncleaned shrimp the size of squirrels. The last few nights were spent in a hotel occupied by a . . .

Feather Duster
10-03-09, 03:32
Well, I hate traveling, because we always go by car. We actually went all the way to Galveston, Texas once, by car. I wanted to vomit.

And the spider?! YIKES! How did you sleep!?

10-03-09, 03:33
Travel to Rio de Janeiro with my parents. Everything was going fine. But when I get to the bathroom, there's a little monkey dead in the private, I was so like! :yik::yik: - I just get out of there as faster as I can. Never heard of the monkey anymore. :D

This is my worst experience, thanks god! :mad:

10-03-09, 11:35
To name one:

For starters, I was on my own. While I was in Greece, I had a trip planned to the Greek island of Evia and the Sporades, and it ended up going totally wrong.

First off, I woke up at 12pm. Bit late, I figured, but I decided to go nonetheless. Anyway, I purchased my ferry ticket from the port, and headed off to the island of Evia. For the first time, I felt a bit seasick. I wanted to get off. Fortunately the trip was only one hour, and the sea had settled down a bit anyway.

When I docked, I wanted to go to the town of Karystos, which was 10km away, and a transport hub to the capital of the island, Halkida, which was over 100km away. Big island. (Second largest Greek island, btw) So, I didn't know how to get to Karystos. There was a bus there, but it had no destination written on the front, and I didn't know whether to get on it or not. By the time I came to conclusion, the bus took off, and I missed it. It was the last one for the day.

So, I ended up paying 10 Euros for a ****ing taxi. :)

When I arrived in Karystos, there were no more buses to Halkida until next morning. Great, just great, so I have to stay the night now.

I found no accommodation here, and I actually wanted to go back to Athens. So, I caught the taxi back to the port, another 10 Euros. As I arrived, the last boat was heading back to Athens. I missed it by literally MINUTES!!! It was also the last boat for today. I became so ****ed. I was FORCED to book a hotel room.

I found a relatively cheap one. 35 Euros. I stayed the night. I set my alarm in time for the first boat back to Athens, 6am. More drama the next morning.

So then, I woke up at 6. I checked out of the hotel. I headed for the dock. It was FREEZING. I had no jumper with me either, as the day before was a warm day, and my jumper was in the wash at home. I rushed to the ticket office, hoping to get on the ferry quickly, and just as you might have guessed, THE DAMN FERRY WAS DELAYED! I was forced to wait outside in the freezing cold without a jumper until the next ferry at 9am. And to get away from the cold, I actually had to act like a bum for the first time in my life.

I would name another bad travel experience, but it's really personal. I'll just say that I got stuck in one particular country with no credit card, therefor had to live on the cash in my pocket and live on $3 a day for food. Bread and water was what I had for most of the 7 days I was without a credit card.

10-03-09, 11:41
I'd say , when I cam from a trip to Athens back to the city we were staying.. I got out of the buss, starved, dead tired ( 'cause I didn't eat for 1 day and didn't sleep the night before ) and it was like steeping into an oven. It must of been 47 Celsius the least O_O.

10-03-09, 11:58
Going to England to meet a friend.. things didn't go quite as I hoped.. hehe. Basically was begging for help and had to return a week early from my two week vacation. Wasted about 1500 - 2000€ for nothing. Fun. :)

Before that my second week in Egypt started quite well. Had 40c fever and my hotel room was right on top of an Irish pub. Lovely music all night long.

10-03-09, 13:33
A trip to Michigan that was meant to take 13 hours (drive) and ended up taking 21 hours due to icy conditions. I didn't get any breaks so I was falling asleep by the end.

10-03-09, 13:37
Hmm, I've had a share of uncomfortable transports (12 hours by bus to Rome, 24 hours by plane to New Zealand, 48 hours from here to a remote little village in Norway), but I'm usually not complaining - it's all worth it. Once they did forget to load our baggage though, so we had to wait 2 hours for the next plane. Still no biggie.

10-03-09, 14:17
Probably Florence last year. We were there just one day and I just had to get sick after lunch. Then I spent the entire afternoon sitting on the cathedral steps while everyone from the group enjoyed the city.