View Full Version : I made my first wallpaper ever, thanks to Dusan! -^-^-

10-03-09, 05:30
Im new to this whole Tomb Raider Forum site. This is my first time ever making a wallpaper and its all thanks to Dusan. I have been trying for months to do that TexMod thing and it didnt work out well... But now with his/her help, I finally did it! I hope ya'll like it. Please be nice. I know it might look plan, but this is my first time.. <(^-^)> *blushes* btw, I love the Doppelganger.... Shes so pretty. -^__^-


10-03-09, 05:37
Hi, XOLaraCroftOX. Welcome to the forums.
Isn't better put this on Fan Artwork Topic? - http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=120327.
Lovely work, by the way.

10-03-09, 05:37
Excellent wallpaper XOLaraCroftOX, and welcome to the forum :wve:
Not sure you needed to start a new thread though, you could've just posted in Dusan's XNALara thread (or in the fan artwork thread as lacryjr stated) ;)

10-03-09, 05:38
Wonderful work there. :D I'm not going to tell you that you could have put this into the fan art section, becasuse your new and proabably diidn't know, but just for future reference. any cool creations like that can go in that fanart section at the top of the page. Great work though, you should also post it there too. :D keep up the great work. AND


10-03-09, 05:45
>.<'' Sorry. Ya I didnt know.. My bad =P Thank you though for saying it looked good -^-^- I have to make their body move in better positions. lol :)