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11-03-09, 22:07
This is pretty cool. Apparently, Lincoln's watch had a secret message inscribed in it. Check it out.


Not a big secret, but still cool.

11-03-09, 22:45
The man had a pretty nice rifle too :cln:

11-03-09, 22:50
That's pretty cool and interesting. Nice find.

11-03-09, 22:53
Would of LMAO if the inscription had read, "It's no wonder why I have to repair this junk! He should have bought a Timex instead!"

11-03-09, 22:53
I cant read it, what does it say?

11-03-09, 23:06
I cant read it, what does it say?

The engraving, by watchmaker Jonathan Dillon, is dated April 13, 1861, and reads in part: "Fort Sumpter was attacked by the rebels" and "thank God we have a government."

Forty-five years later, Dillon the watchmaker told The New York Times that he was repairing Lincoln's watch when he heard that the first shots of the Civil War had been fired.

Dillon said he unscrewed the dial of the watch and used a sharp instrument to mark the historic day on the president's watch. He told the newspaper that, as far as he knew, no one had ever seen the inscription.

Legend Killer
11-03-09, 23:20
Pretty cool indeed. Thanks for that link! :tmb:

11-03-09, 23:26
Awesome, now we just need to find a real life Lara to look into this :D

11-03-09, 23:34
Hehe, I love these messages that get lost...then found again after quite a few years, if not...hundred years...

12-03-09, 06:38
But let's be honest, if the engraver were still alive, I wouldn't think about taking my watch to him for a repair.

12-03-09, 09:00
Wow interesting find! Couldn't hurt to have a real study about it! :tmb: :D

12-03-09, 13:18
On second thought... big daddy may be watching :pi: