View Full Version : DPRK rattles the saber once more

12-03-09, 17:28
It's looks like Kim Jong and Co. are looking for more concessions from Obama. Now they claim they will launch another rocket next month with who knows what as the payload:

North Korea to Launch New Rocket (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123684282721605721.html)

12-03-09, 17:35
that's pretty juvenile.

GOD, i can't stand Kim Jong Il.. he's a chihuahua with Rottweiler mentality.

13-03-09, 10:59
Hehe, like you doggie quote, that's good!

This is just Kim's way of reminding the world that he and his regime are still around and have to be dealt with (preferably by pumping some cash and bags of food his way. He needs it to feed his oversized and underfed army, which already has dibs on the best crumbs the small communist ruling class lets dribble from its table).

Although it is Kim's missiles which get all the press, and his nuke (if it's deliverable on a missile, and with these things you're not being wise if you assume that it isn't), Kim's real ace in the hole are the thousands of ww2 era heavy artillery tubes dug in quite cleverly into the rock along the mountainous border with S. Korea. They are well supplied with tons of ammunition and within range of downtown Seoul. Short of using nukes, there's no way to stop them from pulverizing Seoul before digging them out with conventional means. That's Kim's real trump card, and the only one that can't be effectively neutralized. Then again, that's the only one he needs. Missile rattling is just icing on the cake, "Look at me, Look at me!"

13-03-09, 13:11
Hehe, like you doggie quote, that's good!

thank ya. :jmp:

yes, i once watched program where journalists visited N. Korea just to see how awful it is, and i was floored.

according to their museums, North Korea has won every single war, most of their citizens are so poor they are forced to eat mud because they haven't any access to food, and Kim Jong Il spends tons of money to build these massive stone monuments to comemorate himself, and make his city look grand and intimidating to outsiders.. outsiders who never, ever come.

what the hell is wrong with that man?!

13-03-09, 14:50
I wouldn't be suprised if Chinese MIS want to start a coup in DPRK just to keep things under control....