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13-03-09, 17:12
Phwoar! Jake Gyllenhaal smoulders as Prince of Persia in new film
11/03/2009 11:50:00 AM. | LIVENEWS.com.au



First images have been released of Prince Of Persia, the movie adaptation of the popular computer game of the same name, and feature a smouldering Jake Gyllenhaal as the hero of the film, Prince Dastan.

Set for release in 2010, the Jerry Bruckheimer production is set to be a swashbuckling take on the adventure game series, in which the hero traverses a range of perilous traps, pits and tricks in a Persian labyrinth.

Along with Gyllenhaal in the lead role, the film will star Sir Ben Kingsley, Gemma Arterton and Alfred Molina.

Itís been reported that the film will follow closely the plotline of the computer game, and will echo the approach taken to adapt the video game Tomb Raider onto the big screen in 2001.

Tomb Raider was a massive commercial success, and is considered the greatest movie adaptation of a video game in movie history.


13-03-09, 17:12
he better do well, because i'm not liking hi in that role. :ohn:

13-03-09, 17:17
Wasn't he outed as gay recently? Not that its earth shatteringly important - though Hollywood high ups may think different. Call me clueless but I had no idea there was going to be a POP film. Says how much I'm the know about films these days!

13-03-09, 17:17
Wasn't he outed as gay recently? Not that its earth shatteringly important - though Hollywood high ups may think different. Call me clueless but I had no idea there was going to be a POP film. Says how much I'm the know about films these days!

*giggles* i don't think so.

he's with Reese Witherspoon.

13-03-09, 17:26
Checked out the source of info:

Quite dubious actually. Simple gossip it seems but you never know. I wonder what the implications are for this, maybe it'll just get ignored, famous people tend to take that route on everything it seems.

13-03-09, 17:36
He doesn't even look Persian.... But well, they're using him more like an eye-candy and a big name, than something else...

13-03-09, 17:37
Gosh he's gorgeous, I hope this move is a success. I'd much prefer it if Luke Pasqualino (Fred from Series 3 of Skins) played the prince :D.


Melonie Tomb Raider
13-03-09, 17:52
At first I didn't think he'd fit the prince at all, but they actually did a great job with making him look authentic! I can't wait to see this movie. :jmp:

13-03-09, 18:02
The eyecandy alone (Jake) is reason enough to see the movie. :p

13-03-09, 18:18
I like his gauntlet. :tmb:

13-03-09, 19:11
He's hot. :cln:

Can't wait for the flim. :D

13-03-09, 19:14
he looks like jesus

13-03-09, 19:14
he better do well, because i'm not liking hi in that role. :ohn:

same here.. but he doesnt look bad

13-03-09, 19:16
wow, I didn't even know there was a Prince of Persia film being made.

13-03-09, 19:18
Never mind.:p

Delete please.

13-03-09, 19:26
Jesus had Blond hair.

... no . brunette
i have photographic proof

13-03-09, 19:29
If he looks like Jesus, then consider me converted.

Mona Sax
13-03-09, 19:30
Well, it's safe to say I like what I've seen so far. :cln:

13-03-09, 19:44
Fantastic!!! He looks amazing! :cln:

He doesn't even look Persian.... But well, they're using him more like an eye-candy and a big name, than something else...

I think it's safe to say there's a lot of freedom when we're talking about how the Prince looks. In the first game ever, he was BLONDE. In the last game released last year, he looks a bit gypsy and has blue eyes, and Elika looks plain caucasian. And in the end, Persia was huge and encompassed many ethnic groups so to say that a persian prince has to look like an arab is way too limiting.

Personally, I think that Jake in those pics looks a lot like the Prince from Warrior Within and The Two Thrones...

Sir Croft
13-03-09, 19:51
I see some similarities, I think it's going to be good.

{eith;3524376']If he looks like Jesus, then consider me converted.

Keith, you perv! :vlol:

13-03-09, 19:54

I wasn't sure about this, but maybe I'll have to go see the film. To make an honest and balanced opinion, you understand. Not to drool over him. Not at all. Not at... sorry, what was I saying?

Melonie Tomb Raider
13-03-09, 19:59
Jesus had Blond hair.

What makes you think that? Jesus was Jewish, so more than likely he had dark brown or black hair.

If he looks like Jesus, then consider me converted.

LOL!!!!! :vlol:

13-03-09, 20:22
What makes you think that?
I meant nothing by it. :o

Melonie Tomb Raider
13-03-09, 20:28
Oh ok :p

13-03-09, 21:01
Already posted this on the Mature section. I am going to hold my judgement for the time being. So far it looks promising though it seems a bit too much like T2T rather then SOT (Visualization and Character costuming wise offcourse.)

I personally would have thought they would have gone with someone like Michael Copon for the part... Meh.


13-03-09, 21:03
I would :mis:

I might go and see it or just rent the DVD if I can't be bothered.

13-03-09, 21:12

13-03-09, 21:27
My god, its two of my favorite things, Prince of Persia and Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless *drool* Needless to say i WILL be seeing this movie.

13-03-09, 21:34
he looks hot to trot ;)

13-03-09, 21:37
Hmm I didn't think he would fit the role tbh, it still erks me a bit that they went with someone who doesn't look persian.:p

But I think he might do well, I still have hopes for this film.:)

14-03-09, 15:36
Hottie alert! He is so HOT. Look at him! :mis:
Can't wait for the movie/Jake. :D

14-03-09, 16:10
Wow, He looks really good ^^ Just to think I saw him having intercourse with Heath Ledger last night, Yum xD I hope he does well in this film.

14-03-09, 16:53
Am I the only one who thinks he doesn't look that good ?

He doesn't have a dark aura around him like the prince, a shadowy personality, or some sort of grim appearance...looks like some spoiled rich kid's attempt at dressing up like a gypsy...too polished and twinkly in the face.

12-09-09, 21:47
I am anticipating this movie! :D

12-09-09, 21:49
Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the Prince? Well Hell, now I have a reason to see this movie.

12-09-09, 21:52
All the latest updates thanks to Nightwish.:tmb:
Yes the dagger is on his waist and it is full of sand :cln:

but I'VE GOT THEM BIG!!!!! :jmp: :jmp: :jmp:




Well its only the handle there. The whole dagger is pretty recognizable - just like in the games. The whole dagger can be seen in the official movie website. I posted a link a few posts back :)


I also found something new to me. It is an uncut (rather not edited) version of the ET preview
There are some different shorts while filming and different questions Jake answered.





Here is the cover of the graphic novel btw


Between me and you, I think I owuld have done a better job on those colours^ :p


IGN HAS SEEN THE TRAILER!!!!!! These are the impressions of it! I have to warn this is a huge spoiler. Personally I dint read it because I don't like spoilers. So please if you discuss it add spoiler tags!



Well EXXSQUEEZE ME but I dint feel like making a new thread for the movie!

and omg omg omg! ation figure looks so awesome!


Lee croft
12-09-09, 21:53
I just might go see this film...

12-09-09, 23:17
omg hes so fit! i must watch the prince in action

Chocola teapot
12-09-09, 23:35
I would. :pi:

13-09-09, 00:22
Whats copying what now? :mis: Anyways, he, er, the movie looks great :D

13-09-09, 00:29
I will most likely watch this, just for Jake.

13-09-09, 00:32
I would. :pi:

nananana....Me first................

13-09-09, 00:46
oooh lovely.
I love that necklace thingy. lol

Legend 4ever
13-09-09, 01:56
I can't wait for this movie. Finally Jake in something that is fun and not dull.

13-09-09, 02:25
Dang, I think I'm actually gonna see this. Might even beat Tomb Raider. :jmp:

{eith;3524376']If he looks like Jesus, then consider me converted.

I Already Am! :cln:

13-09-09, 02:46
I may just play the game after watching the show so I hope it's good! :D