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14-03-09, 01:11

I know I havn't been on in a long time, but I just wanted to recommend everyone this book. Has anyone ever read it? ;) If you didn't I REALLY strongly suggest that you do. I'm pretty sure that it will change the way you see certain things. Here's a little overveiw of it:

It's about a man that lives with his wife and his kids. And one day, him and his kids go camping while the wife, Nan, goes somewhere else. While they're camping one day, the 2 older kids Katie and Josh decide to go on a canoe and they have an accident! The whole boat tipped over and they fell into the water. The dad saved them both, but it wasnt over just yet. His youngest daughter Missy turns out to be missing.

It turns out that Missy was abducted by a cerial killer named "the little lady bug killer". So when they find her body, it was in a shack a couple months later. You can just imagine how heartbroken he is...

Yet 3 years later, he gets a note in his mailbox, it read, "Go to the shack.....-Papa". And this was crazy for him! Because Papa is what Nan calls God! How could anyone know this?! So he goes to the shack, and a huge surprise awaits him there, that could even change his life.....forever.

please, and according to what the book says, read it, and give it to anyone you know. Spread the word ;)

14-03-09, 01:18
the serial killer knew cause it was the wife herself!!;)

14-03-09, 03:33
sorry for double message....but this book is suppose to be inspiring....it's not really funny....those of you who thought that...

14-03-09, 13:36
Hey...ironic...my dad just finished reading this book!:D he says it is amazing and very inspiring...!

14-03-09, 14:27
I'll surely check it out when I get the time. ;) Thank you.