View Full Version : MYTHBUSTERS, anyone?

15-03-09, 13:01

Anyone like this? :)
I can see the program weekend on TV and it's really fun and interesting.
They are like children playing with big and dangerous experiments


Trucks collide at high speed to check if a car is in the middle of the truck is melted/welded by the impact:cln:, or their players are sprayed with skunk liquid to see if it removes the smell with beer or ketchup :eek::vlol:
They are great:)

15-03-09, 13:02
Like it?... LOVE THEM! :jmp::jmp::jmp:
Jamie wants big boom!

what's the biggest boom they did?.. the cement truck?

Adam: I reject your reality and substitute my own! ( it's my status message :vlol: )

15-03-09, 13:04
I love this show, it's awesome!:D I discovered it just few weeks ago while browsing though TV channels.

Minty Mouth
15-03-09, 13:05
Kari Is the Hawtz ;)

15-03-09, 13:07
Yes!, I love the relationship between the two characters with beards.
They fly cement airplanes :D

Kari is very hot :cln: her smile and her attitude! :)

15-03-09, 13:09
I love it too. i especially like how buster gets wrecked so many times. What a poor dummy :mis:

15-03-09, 13:10
yeah.. the cement plane Adam made :vlol:

and poor buster.. at least now he has friends.. plus the ballistics of Grant :vlol:

TR love
15-03-09, 13:13
i watch it every time i accidently flick to SBS and it happens to be on.

but awesome show though :P

15-03-09, 13:32
I love Mythbusters, I always end up watching it when it is on - awesome programme, and Adam and Jamie are just hilarious.

15-03-09, 13:39
One of my favorite shows. :tmb:

I make it a point to never miss it. Anyone rent all of the DVD collection? :D

15-03-09, 13:48
Anyone rent all of the DVD collection? :D

Guilty. *raises hand*

I love it. It's always on Discovery Channel whenever I want to see it. :D

15-03-09, 13:56
Great show, though some of their tests really don't prove all that much unfortunately. The ones that do though are always pretty sweet.


15-03-09, 16:28
Count me in a as a fan. I watch it every Wednesday night.

15-03-09, 16:36
Anyone have a favorite bust/confirm/plausibility?

I have to say, the hot water tank turned rocket was pretty awesome :cln:

15-03-09, 16:51
Or mentos with coke. That was pretty funny.

And of course when they go over to the Alameda County bomb range to blow stuff up!

15-03-09, 16:57
teh dude wiht the beard iz sexy

15-03-09, 17:02
I LOVE THEM my favorite show on Discovery.
lol some of my favorite quotes are:
Adam- "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
Jamie- "Jamie wants big boom"
Kari- "High voltage and electricity woot!"
And I agree with Tampi about Kari :D :cln: Adam is also just awesome and Jamie is well Jamie :p (a lot like my dad).

15-03-09, 17:16
Sometimes the show can be really good and other times they investigate the myths completely arseways.

15-03-09, 17:16
Kari Is the Hawtz ;)

FER SHERZ. I love mythbusters! theyre so out of the ordinary! :D

15-03-09, 20:07
Sam, how far away do you live from Mythbusters HQ?