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16-03-09, 21:12
I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that would transfer AVI files to a DVD, so that I could watch them on my TV. I used a program called Xilliosoft, I think that's how it's spelled, but it caused a problem with the sound. The sound came about a second before the person started talking. Does anyone know of a program that won't cause a delay in sound? Thanks so much.:)

16-03-09, 21:20
DVDFlick works quite well :) Sometimes it can be a pain, just try it, but preview the files before you burn them.

Lara's Nemesis
16-03-09, 21:20
There is a programme called Any Video Converter 2.71 that is free and can convert files pretty easily.

It also allows you to download directly from You Tube. :)


16-03-09, 21:37
DVD Video Soft Free Studio works too:

16-03-09, 21:48
Format Factory (http://download.cnet.com/FormatFactory/3000-2194_4-10819418.html) is my current favorite.

29-03-09, 21:38
Thanks guys!