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17-03-09, 20:46
Actress Natasha Richardson, reportedly in serious condition with head trauma in a Montréal hospital after a ski accident Monday at Mont Tremblant, was walking around and feeling fine for an hour after her accident, a spokesperson from the ski resort says. "She was laughing and joking and she walked to her room on her own," Mont Tremblant spokesperson Catherine Lacasse says. The British-born Richardson, 45, was not wearing a ski helmet when she was taking a private ski lesson on the Nansen, a beginners' run at Mont Tremblant. When she was near the bottom of the run in a section know as the flats, she fell down. According to the spokeswoman, Richardson did not hit anyone or anything before coming to a stop.

"She was accompanied by an experienced ski instructor who immediately called the ski patrol," according to a statement from the resort.Lacasse tells People that there were no cuts, bleeding or other external signs of injury. Ski patrollers assisted Richardson and helped her to her room. She was not put on a stretcher.

About an hour after the fall, Richardson started complaining of headaches. She went to a nearby hospital and was later transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of Sacré Coeur Hospital. (A spokesperson for the hospital would not confirm or deny that Richardson was a patient there.)

According to AccessHollywoood.com, her husband, actor Liam Neeson, 56, was filming the movie Chloe in Toronto when he got the news and rushed to be by Richardson's side.

Richardson, who appeared in The Parent Trap, Maid in Manhattan and Nell has been married to Neeson since 1994. They have two sons, Micheal Richard Antonio, 13, and Daniel Jack, 12.http://www.imdb.com/news/ni0712379/
Her IMDB profile- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001670/
I hope she makes it, :(

17-03-09, 20:53
Aww that's sad to hear :(

You can read more at BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7947826.stm

william croft
17-03-09, 20:53
Ahh, I hope shes okay :(.

17-03-09, 21:14
she also has a famous sister.

God, hope she's okay.

17-03-09, 21:18
she also has a famous sister.

God, hope she's okay.She's part of the famous Redgrave family.

17-03-09, 21:47
That's really sad. So easy to have an accident, difficult to avoid.

Hope she gets better.

17-03-09, 22:01
shes Liam Neeson's wife? hope shes good

17-03-09, 22:25
She's part of the famous Redgrave family.

that's right! i'd forgotten that, how silly.. jsut remembered her sister is Joely Richardson.

17-03-09, 22:34
:( That sounds nasty, I hope she's okay and gets better soon.

17-03-09, 23:10
Le mardi 17 mars 2009
Natasha Richardson en état de mort cérébrale

L'actrice Natasha Richardson, qui a été soignée à Montréal à la suite d'un accident de ski survenu à Tremblant hier, est en état de mort cérébrale, rapportent Time Out New York et le New York Post, qui ont parlé à des proches de l'épouse de Liam Neeson.

«Natasha Richardson est transportée à New York afin que sa mère, Vanessa Redgrave, ses deux enfants et ses proches puissent lui faire leurs adieux avant d'être débranchée», écrit le New York Post.

À l'hôpital du Sacré-Coeur, où la femme de 45 ans avait été transportée hier soir, on a aussi confirmé que Natasha Richardson était dans un profond et irréversible coma au moment de son départ de l'hôpital en début d'après-midi.

L'actrice aurait quitté Montréal en avion, probablement vers New York, en début d'après-midi. «Elle n'est plus au Canada», a déclaré Josée-Michelle Simard, porte-parole de l'hôpital du Sacré-Coeur, citée par le site Radar.com.

C'est le Centre hospitalier laurentien, à Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, qui a d'abord accueilli Mme Richardson, la femme de l'acteur Liam Neeson. «Elle a été admise hier en fin de journée», a indiqué à La Presse Line Meilleur, responsable des communications de l'hôpital. Mais l'actrice a ensuite été transférée à Sacré-Coeur.

La directrice des communications de cet établissement, Josée-Michelle Simard, a discuté avec l'agent de la famille. «Ils vont donner des nouvelles demain», s'est-elle alors contentée de dire.

L'actrice Kika Markham, tante de Mme Richardson, a confirmé l'accident à des médias britanniques.

«Nous savons qu'elle a eu un accident, mais nous n'avons pas d'autres détails. Nous sommes très inquiets», a-t-elle déclaré, ajoutant que la famille ne voulait pas être dérangée.

Selon Lyne Lortie, directrice des relations publiques à la Station Mont-Tremblant, l'actrice suivait une leçon de ski au moment de la chute.

Après l'incident, Mme Lortie assure que Mme Richardson se portait bien, était sans blessure apparente à la tête, parlait et ne montrait aucune confusion. L'actrice est tout de même redescendue en civière, par mesure de précaution.

Les patrouilleurs lui ont ensuite recommandé de voir un médecin. La monitrice de ski, qui est restée à ses côtés, a ensuite constaté qu'elle ne se sentait pas bien et a appelé les ambulanciers.

Le mari de Richardson, l'acteur Liam Neeson, tourne actuellement à Toronto le drame Chloe, sous la direction du réalisateur canadien Atom Egoyan. Une attachée de presse du film a affirmé au réseau CTV qu'il a quitté le plateau pour accourir au chevet de sa femme.

Le couple a deux garçons. Natasha Richardson est la fille de l'actrice Vanessa Redgrave et du défunt cinéaste Tony Richardson.

Mme Richardson a été lauréate d'un Tony Award, une récompense annuelle dans le domaine du théâtre, en 1998 pour sa performance dans Cabaret.


Wild Child (2008)
Evening (2007)
The White Countess (2005)
Asylum (2005)
Maid in Manhattan (2002)
Waking Up in Reno (2002)
Chelsea Walls (2001)
Blow Dry (2001)
The Parent Trap (1998)
Nell (1994)
Widows' Peak (1994)
Past Midnight (1991)
The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (1991)
The Comfort of Strangers (1990)
The Handmaid's Tale (1990)
Fat Man and Little Boy (1989)
Patty Hearst (1988)
A Month in the Country (1987)
Gothic (1986)
Every Picture Tells a Story (1983)

She died cerebrally in Montreal Hospital. At first she appeared to be okey, but she went to see a doctor in a Montreal hospital. It seems she has collapsed from internal injury there. This morning she was in intensive care from which she has entered an irreversible coma. She has been declared to have died cerebrally this afternoon.

Thats the jist of it. I hope i can still speak french correctly.

17-03-09, 23:13
She died cerebrally in Montreal Hospital.

That's soo sad.:(

I loved her in the Parent Trap.

17-03-09, 23:18
Omg, thats so terrible :(
It's really strange how she felt fine and then it all just started progressively getting worse.

17-03-09, 23:24
she also has a famous sister.

Yeah, Julia (Joely Richardson) from Nip/Tuck! They come from a long line of actors.

Thankfully Natasha's okay! That's scary.

17-03-09, 23:26
Yeah, Julia (Joely Richardson) from Nip/Tuck! They come from a long line of actors.

Thankfully Natasha's okay! That's scary.

No shes not, shesh.
(Jk. well, shes not fine but my reaction was a joke)

17-03-09, 23:42
OMG, this is so awful. I love her, this can't be true. How is her condition now?

17-03-09, 23:44
OMG, this is so awful. I love her, this can't be true. How is her condition now?

Brain Dead.

17-03-09, 23:46
Brain Dead.

Yeah, so I just read. I think that's even worse than death itself. At least if it's permanent. So so sad!

17-03-09, 23:47
Yikesss, I meant to say I HOPE she'll be okay. :yik: -Feels like a moron-

17-03-09, 23:48
^ She isn't dead...

17-03-09, 23:49
Brain Dead.No she's not. I thought what you were saying was suspect.


17-03-09, 23:51
Yikesss, I meant to say I HOPE she'll be okay. :yik: -Feels like a moron-

Don't feel like a moron; it was an honest mistake.

17-03-09, 23:51
No she's not. I thought what you were saying was suspect.


Oh, this is good news. I am glad to be reading this!

17-03-09, 23:52
No she's not. I thought what you were saying was suspect.


Clinic sources tell TMZ.com that Richardson has brain swelling, but is not brain dead.

Thank goodness! Her condition still isn't good, but we have hope!:hug:

17-03-09, 23:54
^ She isn't dead...

*slaps self*

Yeah I just checked :o I hope she gets well soon :)

18-03-09, 00:39
Why would someone post rumors that she had died on the internet..... someone people really are cold. This is really sad to hear though :( Hope she gets better soon.

18-03-09, 01:49
That's awful news. :( I hope she's okay...

18-03-09, 02:17
No she's not. I thought what you were saying was suspect.


Curse you article, i trusted you. Anyway this is good news. I do apologize, i got the article from another online source.

18-03-09, 03:42
I read that she was signed out of the hospital now. :)
"Reported dead - Out of the hospital".

So I guess she's fine. :D
They wouldn't sign out... Brain dead people, right? :P

Media do tend to overreact and create a buzz.
Skiing is lethal, though. I don't know why people would attempt such a thing!
Cross country skiing is the only safe skiing.

God Horus
19-03-09, 00:17
Oh my gosh no she died! :( http://www.canada.com/news/actress+Natasha+Richardson+dies/1402292/story.html

19-03-09, 00:20
Oh my gosh no she died! :( http://www.canada.com/news/actress+Natasha+Richardson+dies/1402292/story.html

Just heard of it :( I feel so bad

19-03-09, 00:20
Indeed she has.


19-03-09, 00:21
Oh my gosh no she died! :( http://www.canada.com/news/actress+Natasha+Richardson+dies/1402292/story.html

So it's confirmed now? How tragic.

I find it terrifying how she got up after she fell and thought she was fine, and only hours later to go to the hospital with a headache. :(

19-03-09, 00:25
So it's confirmed now? How tragic.

I find it terrifying how she got up after she fell and thought she was fine, and only hours later to go to the hospital with a headache. :(

Scares me as well, I hit my head extremely hard after falling off a bike and managed to escape with no head injuries..I feel so bad. It's so unexpected.

19-03-09, 00:28
That's horrible. :(

I just saw it on Yahoo.

19-03-09, 00:31
Oh God. I had a feeling she would. Oh no.


this is horredous. i just got chills.. what a bad thing to add to my already horrible mood.

19-03-09, 00:32
Indeed she has.



Indeed, it is awful. I would of hated to be in her husbands place.

19-03-09, 00:32
How sad :( I hoped she would recover.

RIP. :(

19-03-09, 00:34
I feel so sorry for her family and friends. Also, she has al lot of fans out there who must be feeling horrible at the moment.

19-03-09, 00:47
RIP Natasha. Sad News for her Family and Friends. When ever some has a Head Injury they need to get to hospital ASAP.

19-03-09, 00:57
RIP Natasha. Sad News for her Family and Friends. When ever some has a Head Injury they need to get to hospital ASAP.She's dead? :eek:

19-03-09, 00:58
She's dead? :eek:

yeah. :(

19-03-09, 01:04
RIP Natasha Richardson. :( Humans are so fragile.

19-03-09, 01:23
This is really really sad. RIP Natasha. :(

19-03-09, 01:38
That is so depressing. I sincerely hope that her friends and family are able to get through this hard time. :(

19-03-09, 01:43
she also has a famous sister.

God, hope she's okay.

her sister is Jole (sp?) richardson from Nip/Tuck the one that was married to Sean.

19-03-09, 01:46
Aww, this is soo sad. Life can be taken away too quickly.:(

RIP Natasha.

Tomb Raider 5194
19-03-09, 02:30
So sudden, I kept hoping she would be okay.

RIP. :(

19-03-09, 03:32


19-03-09, 04:19
So sudden, I kept hoping she would be okay.

RIP. :(

she was brain dead you know "talk and die syndrome"

anyone who is brain dead is automatically DEAD

poor Natasha Richardson.
This all happened so soon

condolences to her family an hour after she fell she received the syndrome. how scary was that

19-03-09, 05:07
tragic indeed.

This is kinda ironic in some way to me because I was just watching something on yahoo about concussions and sustained brain injury a few hours ago.

19-03-09, 05:13
Indeed she has.


:( That's so tragic. I was really hoping she'd make it. So young, too :(


19-03-09, 06:35
I gotta say that I'd not heard of the woman before her accident, I've certainly never seen any of her movies. But that doesn't make the accident any less tragic. Just goes to show how easy a life can be lost :(

william croft
19-03-09, 11:22
I've just heard the news :( So tragic. I hope her family can recover in this hard time. :( :( :(

19-03-09, 11:49
so sad. i'm so shocked about it. RIP Natasha.

19-03-09, 12:26
That's so tragic. May she rest in peace. :(

19-03-09, 13:08
The other day, I heard on the news that a British actress had a Skiing accident (I didnt know who it was) , then that night, I watched the Parent Trap (again :P ) And then today, I heard she died. The Parent Trap was the only film I saw her in I believe and I just feel terrible :( R.I.P Natasha :( She did such a wonderful job!

19-03-09, 15:20
I only just found out...
^^ I only saw her in the Parent Trap...and she was amazing ...

Only heard about 10 mins ago... so sad:(

R.I.P Natasha...
You were amazing

19-03-09, 15:34
I can't believe it...she was such a great actress. :(


19-03-09, 15:37
she really seemed like a very geniune and sweet lady, too.

every picture you find of her has her laughing or smiling.

this really is very sad... its hard to get upset about someone you didn't know, but this doesn't seem fair.

19-03-09, 16:18
Oh god, this is so sad :(
And the worst thing is that maybe she could have been still alive if she was wearing a hlemet... :( (I know there's no way to change it now, but I think that every death is extremely sad if you know you could have prevented it so easily)
Poor Natasha, poor family of hers :(

tlr online
19-03-09, 16:20
Very sad. R.I.P.

19-03-09, 17:16
RIP Natasha :(

19-03-09, 17:48
Paramedics Turned Away After Richardson's Fall, According To Ambulance Company (http://perezhilton.com/2009-03-19-paramedics-turned-away-after-natasha-richardsons-fall)

Reports have revealed that an ambulance was immediately called to the scene of Natasha Richardson's fatal fall in Canada on Monday, but EMT workers were turned away (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090318.wrichardsontremblant0318/BNStory/Front) before they ever reached Richardson.
Assuming the actress was unharmed after her tumble, paramedics were told their services were no longer needed.
Even though Natasha was "laughing and joking (http://perezhilton.com/2009-03-17-new-details-natasha-richardsons-skiing-accident)" after the accident, head trauma can take a turn for the worse hours or even days after the impact.
"When you have a head trauma you can bleed," said Yves Coderre, director of the ambulance company that services Mont Tremblant. "People don't realize it can be very serious. We warn them they can die and sometimes they start to laugh. The don't take it seriously."
As for Richardson, he says his ambulance crew "never saw the patient,” said Mr. Coderre, whose company, Ambulances Radisson, serves Mont Tremblant. “So they turned around.”
In light of the tragedy at hand, there is a lesson to be learned from the accident - head trauma should always be checked out by a professional, no matter how serious you think the injury may be.


Camera Obscura
19-03-09, 17:50
It's a real tragedy at what happened to her, but honestly I had no idea who she was until a few days ago.

I guess that makes it more depressing, learning of an actress/actor through their death. My condolences to her family. :(

19-03-09, 18:10
I saw it on the news this morning , such a shame

R.I.P Natasha

19-03-09, 18:33
I was hoping she'd pull through. Goes to show how important it is to have a head trauma checked by a paramedic every time, no exceptions.

R.I.P Natasha. My thoughts are with her family. :(

19-03-09, 19:09
How sad. Probably an epidural hematoma or something. Those are silent killers. After you hurt your head real bad you can walk around like nothing happened and a few minutes later........:eek:

R.I.P :(

Lee croft
19-03-09, 19:15
R.I.P Natasha Richardson .... i remember watching her in the film the parent trap such a great actress

19-03-09, 22:01
It's quite shocking that she died. :(

Quite sad. :(

19-03-09, 22:46
i saw it on the news... i feel terribly sorry for liam neeson and his family

R.I.P :(

20-03-09, 00:34
How sad :( I hoped she would recover.

RIP. :(

Yeah, me too. :(

This is so sad. My thoughts go out to her friends and family.

23-03-09, 14:43
OMG Natahsa Richardson is dead anyway RIP that's sad now her children are crying

Anne Boleyn
23-03-09, 22:21
I just wanted to offer my respects to a wonderful, talented actress. My sympathies go out to Liam Neeson, her children, and her immensely talented family.

24-03-09, 03:15
RIP Natasha :( I loved your character in The Parent Trap, and you will be missed.