View Full Version : Scientists discover the 'No Parking' tree

19-03-09, 19:15
this is 2 weeks old but still ****ing funny

A new species of tree has been discovered and officially named the No Parking Whitebeam after the sign found nailed to the trunk.

lol no comments

The tree, a deciduous hybrid related to the rowan, was first noticed in a small lay-by at Watersmeet in North Devon in the 1930s with a no-parking sign tacked to the bark.

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19-03-09, 19:47
Like this? :vlol:


SpongeBob Lover
20-03-09, 05:41
that looks like an evil tree staring at you ...... well to me haha lol

TR love
20-03-09, 05:51
Haha that is so scary!