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21-03-09, 10:22
I need this to be clear...
I'm 20 years old and wondering this for quite some time now...

Alot of people say that we are saver in the air.....
Why are we saver in the air then in our car???

Example from my potition:
I believe we are saver in the car... Why??

Because when we have a accident: We have better chance of surviving it....
You have control over that car....
When a aircraft crashes: we are most likey dead... Because we rely on 1 Person: mainly the pilot..
If he crews up: we are mostly dead..

In the air: you are most likey secure that your belongings stay yours, since there isn't alot of stealing...
But taking a plane hostage, happens quite alot.... Are we truly saver that way???

But why are people still saying that in the air we are saver????
Please clear this up for me..

21-03-09, 10:24
Yes, but think of how many thousands of flights there are every single day. And how many crashes there are?

And then think of all the Cars there are... and how many crashes there are in one day? You see car crashes every single day in papers and on the internet etc. but plane crashes are very rare.

21-03-09, 10:28
Well, that true...
Didn't thought about that.....

21-03-09, 11:03
You must mean 'Safer'.

Statistically were safer in planes because theres fewer of them, and the pilots are selected and well trained (unless you fly Aeroflot). Drivers are not selected and tend to drive how they fancy, leading to accidents.

21-03-09, 11:19
Yes, i meant "Safer"...
English isn't my original Lanquage... Mistakes are going to be made... :vlol:

But that's true...
Maybe that's the way they think...

Thanks guys, for clearing that up....

21-03-09, 11:35
People hijack planes all the time do they? Guess it's so common they have stopped reporting them in the news.

Yes, you are less likely to survive a plane crash but you are very unlikely to survive a car crash if you collide with anything, especially at speed.
When you are in a car you are at a high risk of crashing due to human error and lack of concentration, and not just yours but all the people around you. When you are on a motorway one person who forgets to check a blind spot can potentially kill dozens of people by causing a pile-up.

Planes are constantly monitored for safety reasons and strict guidelines and rules are followed by skilled professionals. In fact it is not that hard to fly a plane once it's in the air, provided you know what you are doing.
If a plane crashes it is reported worldwide because it is such a rare occurrence, even a small private plane crash is usually reported nationwide if there has been even only one fatality.
People are killed in car crashes around the world everyday, it has become so trivial it is usually only local papers that report it, if any. As a matter of fact three teenagers were killed and one crippled the other day down the road from me, did you hear about that? Yet a plane crash, which claimed only two more lives, was front page news nationwide last year.

21-03-09, 11:39
We dont just rely on the pilot whilst in the air, we really on him or her, the ground crew, the highly sophisticated computer equipment in the plane itself.
Plus, a driver has a million other drivers to worry about, whereas a pilot has trained for years and has been rigorously prepared for the task.

To be honest I think youre safer on in an airplane than in a car.

21-03-09, 12:05
Yes, i meant "Safer"...
English isn't my original Lanquage... Mistakes are going to be made... :vlol:

But that's true...
Maybe that's the way they think...

Thanks guys, for clearing that up....

The fact that i corrected you is testament to how well you've mastered English! You type it so well i figured you'd released.

21-03-09, 12:39
I don't know if you saw this but is quite interesting


Moreover, in a car not only depends on your driving skill, also come into play all the cars around you.

21-03-09, 14:07
The Pilot himself actually does very minimal controlling of the airplane. Most of it is handled by the autopilot system. My personal opinion though - The road is much more dangerous place to be than in the air - way too many crazy impatient people. Sure a plane crash is more deadly than a car crash, but it doesn't happen as much as a car crash. But then again, there's less planes in the air than there are cars on the road. Its a bit of an unbalanced equation to be honest. I just know I've had a couple collisions with a car - and none in a plane. (I've even been hit by a car before - as a pedestrian; but never been hit by a plane :vlol:)

Halo High95
21-03-09, 17:22
In the Air, if you are trained well, you will not be going low enough to run into buildings or trees... And also, how often do you see a traffic jam in the air? It's just a clearer travel route, which is why flying places is so much quicker. Although, if you DO crash, you are pratically guarenteed dead. But if everyone started flying because they heard it was safer, driving would prob be safer. It's just how crowded the roads are and how many obsticles there are on the roads compared to the air.

21-03-09, 17:34
Its a matter of ratio and probability IMO.

The number of cars on the road everyday exceeds that of planes in the air, as well as other factors such as the fact that there are other cars on the road, road obstacles and stuff...so its highly likely that there more accidents on the road than up in the sky.

I wouldn't call it "safer", just less likely to happen, a smaller number in a period of time.

21-03-09, 17:40
Look at the statistics of how many car crashes there are everyday and compare that to how many plane crashes there are in a year.

I think with flying, every time there is a crash the media hypes it and and makes people more afraid of flying and thinking it's unsafe. Even though when you jump in your car everyday without giving it a second thought even though you are statistically have a much higher chance dying in a car than you do in the air.

In saying that though, flying still scares me. :p