View Full Version : I gots a new pet!

21-03-09, 17:07
i got a new pet yesterday! :D:D:D:D

im gonna play a game to see if anyone can guess what it was! im gonna give clues.

first clue:
i walk on four legs.

(i want to make this hard for you):D

21-03-09, 17:09
An injured spider?

21-03-09, 17:10
A turtle! :D

21-03-09, 17:10
a dog?? lol :D

21-03-09, 17:11
A cat...

Melonie Tomb Raider
21-03-09, 17:12
A hamster :jmp:

21-03-09, 17:18
A pig ? :p

21-03-09, 17:20
a pony ?

21-03-09, 17:23
Uh...a lizard :p

A rabbit?

21-03-09, 17:47
A zebra?

Nerd For Life
21-03-09, 17:54
A llama?

21-03-09, 17:58
a gerbil:D

Alex Fly
21-03-09, 17:59
An hippopotamus ? :jmp:

21-03-09, 18:02
You walk on four legs? :p

Anyway, a cat? lol

KC Mraz
21-03-09, 18:08
A platypus? (best. animal. ever :p)

Feather Duster
21-03-09, 18:19
Lol, is it an iguana?

21-03-09, 18:52
I only walk on two legs!:p

But is it a squirrel? Omg! When I was young I always wanted a squirrel:o. Now I want one:tea:

21-03-09, 18:58
^ LMFAO a few days ago my aunt was driving me to her house with my sis to babysit and she was teling about how she wanted a squirrel and put a shirt on it. LMFAO

I know what it is.

An elephant!

21-03-09, 19:30
Aren't you all so wild-guessers !!! :p

21-03-09, 19:43
nope, noone got it yet!

2 more clues:

2) I'm (the animal) sometimes used to make clothes
3) I (the animal) come in a variety of colors, but I'm white.

lets see if anyone gets it.

oh, one more:

4) It is a mammal.

21-03-09, 19:44
Sheepa! :jmp:

Feather Duster
21-03-09, 19:49
Lol alpaca?

21-03-09, 19:53
Horse or Pony FTW! :p

21-03-09, 19:56
A slave?

21-03-09, 20:36
TRhalloween, you got it!!! Great job! but minus the "a" tho. but thats okay!

yep i got a baby sheep to take care of! :D ill try to put a pic up soon!

21-03-09, 20:38
you got a sheep? That is an unusual pet. Looking forward to the piccies. :p

21-03-09, 20:38
Ponies are better! :p But congrats on getting the Baaaaaaahhhh! :)

Lee croft
21-03-09, 20:39
i was going to say all of the above but then someone got it right

21-03-09, 20:43
Pet sheep are great! Lambs are sooo cute :p

larson n natla
21-03-09, 21:05
Awww that's awsome I want one :)

Feather Duster
21-03-09, 21:12
lol, I guess i forgot that sheep altered their genetics, so now they come in different colors. :p

21-03-09, 21:14
A sheep! Excellent. :D Pics!

21-03-09, 21:14
But 'sheepa' is the correct term for usage. 'Sheepae' is plural ;)

21-03-09, 21:26
^ I've never heard that. Anywhere. Ever. :confused:

21-03-09, 21:29
^ I've never heard that. Anywhere. Ever. :confused:

Your probably just not as wisdomed as I.

21-03-09, 21:30
ooooo sounds cute XD id love to see piccys

actually i just invested in two new weather loaches (i loves them), called Mooshu and Tiki Tiki Hula XD

21-03-09, 22:44
A giant enemy crab?

Aww, too late :(

22-03-09, 00:10
Haha, unusual pet. Can't wait for pics. :D

22-03-09, 01:18
It's not just for life it's for Christmas!

22-03-09, 06:00
yeah, it's actually not that unusual where i come from.
you see, i live out in the country, where there are alot of farms and farming is a pretty big thing around here.
my mom and grandparents own about 200 acres of farmland (fields) and woods.
and i live on a farm- sorta. we have a rabbit"Bugs bunny", chickens"Strawberry, Ginger, Fluff, and Mr. Dude", 2 dogs"Fred & Aussie", alot of cats, and now a lamb.
But thats not the most unusual pet ive ever had.
ive had a hummingbird"Hummy", an opossum "Pretty" (paw-sum is the pronunciation), a cat with 24 toes and 5 thumbs"Rocky"(his children had the same thing, so it was genetic, not a deformation.), and several other various creatures.(like a cat who thought everyone was its mom, so it tried to find a nipple on you, slobbering all over the "mom" it was searching on-even though it was a full-grown cat :p Jinxie was great).

The story behind how we got the now 3 day old lamb that we named "Keith Charles" (Keith after the friend of the family whom we recieved him as a gift from and Charles b/c Chuck is my fave gossip girl character :p):

His mother sheep was giving birth to his twin after successfully giving birth to him when she passed away, sadly.:( (R.I.P. momma sheep.) The owner tried to perform a C-section on the sheep in an attempt to save the twin, but, sadly the twin also did not survive- lassing away in the womb. :(:((R.I.P. also, baby twin lamb.) Keith(the owner) called to ask if we wanted to take in the little orphan lamb(also Keith). My mother accepted and we drove and picked up Keith(the lamb) from Keith(the Human) and brought Keith(the lamb) home with us to stay. I then became Keith(the lamb)'s mother and now have to feed Keith(the lambie) every 2 hours on the dot- including setting my alarm for every two hours in the night and feeding the little guy.- im starting to get rather tired from running the night schedule.:o

Thats it. will edit in pics. computers being stupid and isnt uploading right at this moment.

22-03-09, 07:03
baaa..aa..a sheep ! :p

Well, congrats ! Do take good care of it. :hug: