View Full Version : Sasser worm suspect confesses

08-05-04, 11:41
BERLIN (Reuters) - The 18-year-old man arrested by German police on suspicion of creating the destructive "Sasser" computer worm has confessed to police that he had programmed the worm.

"He made a confession to police," said spokesman Frank Federau for Lower Saxony police.

Federau did not give any details on where the admission was made or whether the man went to police before they searched his parents' home, where he also lives, on Friday afternoon.

Federau said more details would be available at a police news conference later on Saturday.

Sasser, a tenacious computer worm, is expected to infect millions of machines before it runs its course.

Since appearing a week ago, it has wreaked havoc on personal computers running on the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows 2000, NT and XP operating systems, but is expected to slow down as computer users download anti-virus patches.

08-05-04, 12:20
Good thing he confessed! I haven't experienced the worm personally, but alot of people have told me it's really bad. Hopefully he'll get some jail time and that will teach him a lesson.

08-05-04, 17:27
To be honest my Laptop is running slow!
Considering my Norton has just run out and i carnt update my virus definitions i am guessing i have, lmao!
Pl Uck IT!