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22-03-09, 19:30
Hello fellow forum members,

Wandering around the internet I found something I wanted to share with you all, an initiative that may not (probably not) be an answer to one of the biggest problems we have in this world, but it is still is a beautiful attempt, although it may be only symbolic.

It's a project called Free Rice, and it's part of the UN World Food Program.
The idea is simple:

At the bottom of this post you'll find a link to the site of Free Rice, once clicked the site will apear on your screen.
Sort of like a learning game will start then, a question will apear, you'll be asked for the defintition of a word (Don't worry it's multiple choice) and if you click the right answer you will automaticly donate 10 grains of rice.
Then the next question will apear and the process begins anew.

As we are a whole forum community, maybe we, all toghetter, could make a little difference and help the world:)

On top of all this, you could also just see it as a nice game to learn new words or test yourself (And not only a word-quiz is available, there is a button with which you can change the subject of the quiz)
and maybe we could share scores:)

Discuss, play, help the world:)


P.s Further information can be found on the site.

P.p.s My high score is 10010 grains of rice, who wants to try and beat it?
I challange YOU!


22-03-09, 19:32
Opps, did you forget to post the link?

22-03-09, 19:32
I actually did that back in October, the games were addictive.:tmb:

22-03-09, 19:34
Nice! :)

On another sad note: We waste more food here in the US, the equivalent to feed everyone for a lifetime! :( Just wanted to add that.

22-03-09, 19:34
Nooo:( I forgot the link:( It's there now:)

Edit: Yes I know:(

Yet another sad note: All poverty can in theory get rid of if the 250 richest people would give one per cent of their capital away... but they just won't do that...

22-03-09, 19:46
i got 680 grains of rice before i gave up :S

22-03-09, 19:56

22-03-09, 19:59
This thing's addicting! :tmb: I used to play all the time. I got a pretty high amount of rice before.

22-03-09, 20:11
That things like this can be addictive, isn't it great?:tmb:

@ Sheepydee: Why give up? It's impossible to lose:)

Edit:Efflorescence, what a beautiful world:) Hmmm I wonder if we have a Dutch equivalent for it...

22-03-09, 20:29
Wow I haven't been on this since Year 11 last year when my English teacher made us go on it xD

22-03-09, 20:38
I'll donate 1,000 grains of rice a day. :D


22-03-09, 21:03
I everyone would do that....:p (If everyone would do that, it would mean the end of this project probably...)

(Current Rice Grain Score = 3390)

22-03-09, 21:10
Wow, this is addicting I am doing Spanish vocabulary, so I am improving my Spanish while helping feed the hungry :) I feel good.

22-03-09, 21:18
4000:) Now I'm tired and off to bed...

22-03-09, 21:22

well i just give up on things like that when they go on and on

larson n natla
22-03-09, 21:23
On my iPod ATM so I can't really play, but 60 so far. Btw how do they count this rice I would be intrigued as to how far they fufill there promise though I hope they are doing what they say they are. :)

22-03-09, 21:30
On my iPod ATM so I can't really play, but 60 so far. Btw how do they count this rice I would be intrigued as to how far they fufill there promise though I hope they are doing what they say they are. :)

Perhaps by weight, like at chuck-e-cheese you put all your tickets into a scale and it tells you how many you have, they weight a single grain then multiply that by how many you donate and then send that much. Thats how I might do it.

Up to 3,000 now :D

22-03-09, 21:51
Wow so addictive but very fun.great game for a good cause :tmb:

23-03-09, 00:12
free rice is fun i remember doing this in 7th grade i think i got around 2000

23-03-09, 00:25
oh, i'd love to!

23-03-09, 09:07
I remember this being posted last year. After reading China Mieville's short story "An end to hunger", I realised why such schemes leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Kudos to those who wish to help the world's hungry. I just believe the sponsors should be doing more than they are.

23-03-09, 13:39
Although I like the idea of this project, I do agree with you...
Why does this has to be bend into some kind of entertainment?
Why can't whoever it may be who runs this project and the people who bring the rice, just bring it there without this game having to precede that process?

Other then that, it stays a nice game, handy for expanding your vocabulary.

23-03-09, 15:50
i've done this before actually. saw it about a year ago. a part of me wonders if the rice is actually donated - where it comes from - and why they don't just say "here's all the rice we have" rather than making people guess words in order to donate the rice :confused:

23-03-09, 16:01
That's what I find strange too...
I'm not sure if I could trust any help organisation actually... not only this one.
It would be nice if this is real though.

Edit: Just saw the banner at the bottom of the site... it says that sponsors donate the money to buy all the rice collected in this game.

23-03-09, 16:04
you know what I always questioned?
the commercials where the "missionaries" go to third world countries and ask us to sponsor a child. they say "just X amount of money a month will help this child have a better life" But I bet they take butt loads of food with them over there for doing those commercials, and I wonder if they ever give any of that food to those kids?

23-03-09, 16:09
It's a dilemma actually... They could give food to those kids, but if you feed one, you have to feed them all.
The same for giving money, if you give a dollar to a poor child somewhere in a third world country, it would most likely mean death for him... it's sad:(