View Full Version : Instead of a TR Movie, A TV Series???

23-03-09, 21:43
Please don't slate me or laugh at me for suggesting this. It was a discussion my dad randomly brought up in the car when he was taking me home today.

But yeah me and my dad got on the discussion of Tomb Raider Legend today and he mentioned the starting cutscene where Lara is jumping around and it has that music etc etc. He said it didn't remind him of a movie but a TV series, i was all against the idea saying so many fan would be up in the air about it complaining and things that it wouldn't be right, they actress would have to be perfect Lara but they can't get the perfect Lara because there are so many variasions (sp?) of Lara too so many people.
But what changed my mind was when he mentioned the "Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles" Very risky, but it works well and is quite popular, over here and i think (guessing) over in America.

So the discusion went on whilst on our drive home, instead of cramming a adventure into 90mins or something. Do a series of it, and each episode leaving it on a cliff hanger. Or that "level" is completed, but instead of suddenly jumping from location. It's explained and shown in a longer space of time.
The only way i personally think this would work is if we had a good enough, kick ass actress. Doesn't have to be a star, we don't even need someone famous but someone who can act, looks awesome with guns. The budget would have to be pretty good to make it look decent, and make the storyline gripping. Have decent storywritters someone with real good imagination, but someone who can also write and make something different, gripping, exciting and out of the ordanary.

Anyways please discuss, I just thought I'd share this with you, since some people don't like the movies (due to the bad script) but yeah discuss.

23-03-09, 21:54