View Full Version : Help! Coursework accident

25-03-09, 14:00
I've just saved over my Coursework and I need to know how to find the version that was saved before that. Is there any way around this?

25-03-09, 14:07
You need to explain what software you are using.

25-03-09, 14:08
I was using Microsoft Publisher.

Legend Killer
25-03-09, 14:33
What OS are you running there Reggie? XP? And how long have you been working on this Coursework? Just today or over the past few days?

25-03-09, 14:37
MS Publisher should have back up files (named $somethingsomething ). Enable hidden files , and rename it ****.pub and try to open :)

25-03-09, 14:48
I've been at college working on it today. I started it about 10:45 and finished at 1:25pm (ish). The OS is Microsoft XP.

@Stranger: I'll give that a try.

25-03-09, 15:03
^ You could try asking an I.T technician and see if they have any back-ups saved?