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25-03-09, 22:06
Hey, I am an avid fan of the DragonBall anime franchise and grew up watching it. I’ve recently started to see trailers advertising a film adaptation of the cartoon and at first thought ‘hmm, okay, this could be cool’.

But, now, having seen more trailers and reading some articles about it, I’ve changed my opinion and will not even be watching the film when it’s released in April.

Here is why:

The movie has the vaguest and passing resemblance to the Dragonball franchise it’s supposed to be an adaption of. I mean, they have entirely changed the main protagonist’s Goku’s character from a happy go lucky, clumsy, goofy, fun loving man-child into an cocky, emo, frowning, “oh woe, why must I be the one to save the friggin’ world”, whining moron, who doesn’t even crack a smile! Hardly a good character representation, is it?:mad:

Goku is never not smiling unless he’s in the middle of a super intense fight and has to concentrate, though even then he’s cracking jokes and antagonising his opponent with clever come backs and one-liners.:p

And what about Piccolo? Where have his antenna and pointed elf-like ears gone? Where as the awesome sense of style gone? I mean, I can understand dismissing the turban as people might complain, but the cloak and funky shoulder pads? Come on, they are classic! ^_^

Anyway, the film looks ****e to me and I’d only watch it if I was suicidal and needed something to tip me over the edge.:(

Any thoughts? Are you a fan of the DB franchise and looking forward to the movie? Or are you not amused with the film, or simple just planning on sitting on the fence about it all.:D

Legend of Lara
25-03-09, 22:17
^^ Says everything.

I haven't seen it but I'm going to, just to see if it's really that horrible. I'll be going in with absolutely no expectations whatsoever, though. ;)

Dark Lugia 2
25-03-09, 22:52
I'm an avid Dragonball fan too, picollo scares me here :0 I think thew main looks like Goku a lot in terms of facial features, but come on, master roshi, bulma (wtf :0 ) and picollo? :p

25-03-09, 22:54
I LOVE Dragonball (Z/GT)!!

The anime series were so epic! :D

This movie is just so different, they screwed up in my opinion. :(

25-03-09, 23:00
Haha. That review destroyed it. :vlol:

25-03-09, 23:02
I used to watch this show (are they still making episodes?), but I don't anymore. I did see the trailer and the second I saw the characters I was like wtf this is retarded. Honestly it just looks ridiculous having real people I think they should have made it either anime or cgi.

25-03-09, 23:11
Spikey hair does not equal super saiyan. I saw the small adverts and picture on GameInformer and you can just tell it will not be good. Dare I say it'll be even worse than the Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat adaptations.

25-03-09, 23:13
I know I won't spend a penny to watch that movie. I'd rather play a few hours of Dragon Ball Z Budokai or another DB game. :)

25-03-09, 23:15
Dragonball Z >>>> Dragonball GT.

GT was awful.

25-03-09, 23:18
Dragonball Z >>>> Dragonball GT.

GT was awful.

GT, is that the Majin Buu saga? I kinda forgot...:o:o

I think it was quite cool and funny, but just way too slow! :hea:
The Frieza Saga rules!! :)
(runner up is the Cell Saga)

25-03-09, 23:32
Nothing can beat the original series, Dragonball. :D

That was before it took itself too seriously - this new movie seems to complete the gradual slide into completely doing just that and coming off as embarrassing as a result. I think I started dropping off somewhere in the middle of the Majin Buu saga that was just awful - so repetitive and drawn out! A lot of the early episodes are self contained stories. Couldn't have been more different.

25-03-09, 23:44
What is Dragonball GT????

25-03-09, 23:53
What is Dragonball GT????

Let's keep it that way. :D

25-03-09, 23:55
The movie looks like crap. I love Dragon Ball and DBZ, that was a big part of my childhood :D

25-03-09, 23:56
What is Dragonball GT????

The sequel to Dragonball Z. The three main characters are Goku (He gets turned back into a child however), trunks and Pan. I suppose the main different is, is that this one has way shorter battles and isnt as serious as Z. Doesnt really retain the Dragonball Z formula which make Z successful.

Personally I thought GT was ok. :p

25-03-09, 23:58
Ohhh yeah I remember GT now yes and I remember Pan wasn't she Goku's grand daughter? I forget who all the characters are haven't seen the show in so long.

26-03-09, 00:21
Ohhh yeah I remember GT now yes and I remember Pan wasn't she Goku's grand daughter? I forget who all the characters are haven't seen the show in so long.



09-04-09, 16:57
Well, If the movie is crap then it really does stay true to the show, so I don't understand why people are so upset about it :p Anyways, I wonder how the movie will be to someone who has never seen the show before. It seems like the only thing ruining it is all the little facts that fanboys are getting all ****ed off about.

09-04-09, 18:45
A Thread that already exist, i even Searched for it and it never came up, but Two Dragonball Z Threads. :confused::confused:

10-04-09, 07:53
Sorry for Double Posting, but there was a reason for it. :o;)

I finally went to watch the Movie and its complete and utter Trash, i understand nothing and it does not releate to the Series at all.

Bruma with a Gun, since when.
Piccalo looks like an Alien from Mars and he doesent even have his Antennas.
I thought Goku would become a Super Sayin, but he did not.
When Goku was turn into an Oozaru, he was the Size of a Gorilla instead of a 80 Foot Monkey with a Tail.
I remember Goku already had a Tail, even in the First Series he had one, but in the Movie he did not had one.
Goku is nothing but a Teenage School Kid, instead of a Clusmy Fun Lovin Fighter.
Everyone is Asian or Japanese, but the American Actor who plays Goku.
Dident all the Cars Hover in the Series, here everything is on Wheels.

Where is the Creator of the Series, he should Litterly Sue these Idiot People who bucherd the Movie.