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18-04-09, 07:28
What's the deal with this? Some sort of cancelled AOD idea? I saw the trailer, and I reckon if you put the AOD Lara in instead of her normal-ish model, you could probably tie up the finished story to it.

Anybody got any more info on this?

That said, I do have a four page (IIRC) interview with the Core Design people about a Next Generation project. Been ages since I read it though. Would anybody be interested in me uploading it?

18-04-09, 07:55
please upload the interview! :D

18-04-09, 08:36
It was probably a beta of A.O.D, well not really, possibly a new game altogether, but scrapped and re - used for A.O.D.

18-04-09, 08:54
The only Tomb Raider next gen l ever heard about was AOD before it had an official name, which is from 2000 to when ever the name was officially announced some time in 2002. it was still being referred to as Tomb Raider Next Generation when we saw the trailer that came with TR5. Some of the TV spots done just before the game was released referred to it as Tomb Raider Next Generation as well. All it means is it was a Tomb Raider game made for the next gen console at the time, the PS2.

Yes Helegad, we would love to read the interview, it might have something new, or at least new to those of us who did not have internet back then. :)

18-04-09, 10:44
I have this video on my YouTube, might be an interesting watch.


18-04-09, 10:47

18-04-09, 11:31
I found that Making Of a bit overly dramatic :p Still a good watch, though.

Laras man
18-04-09, 12:46
Back then those graphics were Next - Gen. But now it is old - Gen. ;)

18-04-09, 12:55
still makes me tingle seeing that video.

20-04-09, 15:35
It was called TR Next Gen 'cause the first 5 TR games were created for 5th generation consoles (Saturn and later PSX being the base port), and the upcoming TR game was for the PS2, a 6th generation console. So it was the first TR for the next generation of consoles.