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in these arms
20-04-09, 17:48
Currently on my dads computer, but mine upstairs fails to turn on.

This morning it worked fine, I turned it off to go to school for roughly 6 hours, came back turned it on as usual and it turned off after 5 seconds on its own accord! I then pressed the switch on button and it shows on signs of life at all.

I mean what could be wrong? I've only left it for 6 hours. I've tried clearing any dust, tried other plug sockets, checked for loose cables and everything.

Any suggestions? Thanks:)

20-04-09, 17:50
Does it show completely no signs of life: no noise from PSU/PSU fan?

Try checking/changing PSU first.

in these arms
20-04-09, 18:00
The button that I press has a light that turns on to indicate that the computer is on.
Not all the time but when I press it to see if it works the light comes on for a split second then it's off and then nothing.

20-04-09, 18:03
Start with PSU changing then (if you're sure all connections are tight, including the power lines).

in these arms
22-04-09, 18:16
Its fixed now, found out the Power Unit has died and a new one has been installed :)

22-04-09, 18:23
:tmb: Glad you're up and running again.