View Full Version : PSP Sony Media Manager help

21-04-09, 20:37
Hi I am having a problem transferring videos on my psp using the media manager. For some reason it says it can not encode them. But I really don't know what this means. :o It used to work fine but one day it stoped. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!!! :)

21-04-09, 20:41
1. What format are initial videos in?

2. Do you have enough free memory on PSP?

21-04-09, 20:45
The video is in AVI format. And I do have quite a lot of space on my memory stick.

21-04-09, 20:57
1. You need to convert your videos to AVC or MP4 format.

2. Do you have properly formatted memory card? With necessary folders present (MP_Root\100MNV01).
Read THIS (http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,1780879,00.asp).

22-04-09, 05:32
there is a very good ( and free ) psp video converter to be found here clicky (http://www.pspvideo9.com/)
although there are a lot of ads shown on the website and during conversion, the results of the converted videos speak for themselves.