View Full Version : Competition Idea: Design Gear/etc for Lara

24-04-09, 19:24
After some inspiration from a Designers in Residence Course at school, I thought this would be a cool idea for a competition.

Basically, all you have to do is design some gear for Lara, either making new gear she can take on expeditions, or upgrading on some she already has.

Rules - Drawing, and photoshopping allowed - but only if it is done by yourself (ie; no tracing, drawing over)

I haven't any idea for a prize, and frankly I'm no good :D so help on that would be great if anyone is willing.

So does anyone think this is a good idea or not?

Tjw croft
26-04-09, 02:36
I love this. Give me a few minutes and I'll upload the newest piece of equipment. :)

26-04-09, 02:39
I'd definitely be interested in this as I haven't been fond of her gear in the last three games. Or at least how they all hang off her.

26-04-09, 06:10
I have no pics

Here are a couple

Smoke Bombs - To Get away from certain baddies when low on health
Flare Gun - Gun that deals almost as much damage as a shotgun, uses flares for ammo
Upgraded Multi-function Binoculars - Zooms in farther, acts as a PLS and a Camera
Expanded Backpack - A new Backpack made up of different parts
•Secondary Weapons Holsters
•Medipack Storage
•Keys, Puzzle Items, Quest Items and Secrets Storage
•Flare Pocket
•Journal and PDA pocket
•Binocular Clip

Wii Exclusive:
Ratchet - A tool for unscrewing gears and certain mechanisms
Wire Cutter - Cuts Wires and Thin Ropes
Crowbar - The Crowbar Returns from AOD to open crates, doors and pry objects from a wall

Tjw croft
26-04-09, 06:36
Sounds interesting, although the idea is to draw it. Good work anyway.