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25-04-09, 18:26
Evening Guys.

I installed the Windows 7 beta on my laptop sometime ago. I installed it on a second partition that I made on my hard drive. I wanted to remove it from the laptop so I deleted the partition that I installed the beta on, thinking that it would remove it, but I still get asked which OS I would like to boot when I start the laptop up.

How do i get rid of that? becuase obviously if I choose to boot Windows 7 it doesn't work so if anybody could tell me how to get rid of that option i'd be really greatfull!

thanks guys!

25-04-09, 20:36
simply delete that line from boot.ini

25-04-09, 23:12
may not be so easy considering the XP bootloader doesn't recognize Win 7 (nor vista for that matter) so it would have been overwritten by installation of win 7, to use the win 7 bootloader. you may have to use win XP cd (if that is your main OS), boot into recovery console, and issue commands:

fix boot
fix mbr

26-04-09, 09:12
Im on Windows Vista, that is my primary OS

EDIT: Neverind guys I've fixed the issue. Thanks anyway!

26-04-09, 11:54
Hey, please tell us what you did, someone in a similar fix might be helped someday.

But if that is difficult for some reason, never mind. :)

26-04-09, 13:00
I downloaded a peice of software called VistaBootPRO

That basically makes it much easier for you to mod your boot file(s).

When you open the software click the tab called 'Manage OS Entires',
then select the OS you want to remove from the list. (In my case it was Windows 7) then just simply click the X on the right hand side, click apply options on the bottom right hand side and reboot. :)