View Full Version : How do we add games to the PC with the Multi-patch?

27-04-09, 04:33

I have never played Tomb Raider on da PC before, but after seeing how helpful you guys are on here - and hearing how nice the mulit-patch works - i thot id try. I be excited to go back and play the classic TR games is why. After playing a PC demo from Tomb Raider Chronicles, i think i like it better than playing on the PS2? Yeah, I should of tried PC first... but computers scare me :(

i loaded Last Revelation and the multi-patch thingy... and it looks soooooo goooood on PC i can hardly even believe it !!

so before i mess up trying to add TR3 (im dumb) maybe sumone can help me? Cuz i dont kno waht to do next? I already got the PATCH working good with TR4.... so how do i add TR3? can I load TR3 and just start playing? or do i load the patch agin? I read the instructions, but........... its clear as mud (did i mention im dumb?) thanks in advance

the newest raider, Amanda

27-04-09, 04:48
1. Run the Multipatcher, it'll detect the installed games, now including TR3 (or you may just tick it from the list, don't untick other games that you have as well), press Install button and you're fixed. It may ask for TR3 original CD in process of installation.

2. Never use Autorun menu to start TR3, run it via desktop/Start menu shortcut!

27-04-09, 04:54
EscondeR, thank you kind sir..... again :)