View Full Version : Adjusting analog sensitivity (PC)

29-04-09, 17:07
Hi, I'm looking for a program that will leat me tweak my analogue sensitivity on my gamepad (ps2 pad via adapter)

Theres one particular game where it needs to be less sensitive, and the game doesn't allow tweaking.

Any ideas? cheers.

29-04-09, 17:55
Have you tried Joy2Key (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/jtk379en.zip)?

29-04-09, 20:17
Yeah the option seems to be in joytokey, but its no difference:(

29-04-09, 22:15
What game do you want to tweak it in?

30-04-09, 23:02
vice city and gta 3

ive got the usb pad working, but theres a problem with getting the look function to work with the right analog stick

01-05-09, 18:11
^^ Does your gamepad software have a "deadzone" function?

Mine has ... so I can set a "deadzone" where the analogue stick will only "register" movement AFTER I have moved it far enough.

Ideal for "sensitive" gamepads as you have to move the stick a decent distance before anything happens :)

02-05-09, 12:18
i use a ps2 pad with a usb adapter

in vice city, the 'look' function is screwed on a joypad! its absolutely unbeleivable! if i go to look up, it looks LEFT! there is no excuse for that!

so what i have done is use an application (xpadder) to make numpad '4' and '6' the same as left and right on the analog stick. the directions, finally, are correct. but the speed of looking around is about 5x faster than it should be! what?

anyhow, i shouldn't really be explaining a GTA problem on here, i just thought there might be an application which could help. perhaps its a problem with mapping 4 and 6 to analogue, after all, theres no sensitivity on numpad 4 and 6.

i'll check back to see if theres any change, but i think i may have to brave the unfamiliar gta forums again