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29-04-09, 17:35
Okay, I need help.

Wich kind of laptop I have to buy ? What are NG's resurses? ( I hope you understood)

I have Legend on normal computer and NG is working but now I want to buy laptop for it and for myself.

TR cheatfinder
29-04-09, 23:33
Buy a bug bugger with Vista with a high Overall Performance and good CPU also good processor. Makes it run faster, less stops and makes you enjoy!

30-04-09, 00:21
Tell us your maximum budget for that laptop and we'll try to provide optimal advice :)

TR cheatfinder
30-04-09, 00:39
You really want a gaming laptop system that doesn't cost too much, then you can enjoy gaming to it's limit!

30-04-09, 16:02
I think I'll buy Windows XP laptop :)

01-05-09, 09:47
I think I'll buy Windows XP laptop :)

if i may give you advice there is coming a new windows and maby the new tombraider games are avialable ons that windows or i recommend vista