View Full Version : New hard drive - Can I insert old files in game

29-04-09, 22:17
I was over halfway through Tomb Raider Legend but needed to get a new hard drive. The technician backed up the TRL files. Is there a way I can insert these files into the new installation or do I need to start the game from the beginning?


St. Louis


Ward Dragon
29-04-09, 22:47
You're playing on PC? You can simply copy your old save games over into the new save game folder :) If I remember correctly, you can find the save game folder in My Documents under Tomb Raider - Legend :)

30-04-09, 18:51
You'll have to re-install the game, just copying the files won't do. However, as Ward Dragon pointed out, your savefiles are not stored in the TRL folder but in your My Documents folder. If you backed up those, just put them then into the same folder again. If not, you can download save games from here (http://tombraiderhub.com/saves.html).

15-05-09, 02:29
Actually, just copying the installed game folder can work fine...

But you'd loose your settings... to combat this:

1 - Copy your savegames
like ward dragon said,
C:\Documents and Settings\your name \My Documents\Tomb Raider - Legend\
folder should be copied over first..

2 - Your settings
Secondly, if you don't want to loose your controlpad data, screen settings, etc, you can copy this with regedit..

Goto Start Menu -> Run and type Regedit
Hit okay and let it load..
(in vista, just type regedit into the searchy box thing)..

Now, in Regedit, open HKEY_CURRENT_USER

and scroll down a bit Right click on the 'Crystal Dynamics' entry,
and choose EXPORT

Now save it as a file.. say Tombraidersettings.reg , anything will do..

--What to do?
If you run this file on your new pc. i.e. double click on tombraidersettings.reg
and your new computer will import the settings, and be ready to go :)

I make regular clones of my complete harddisk, incase of emergency, it can just be replaced by a fully working , ready to boot install in under 10 seconds...
If you backup anything as analy as this, it might be worth just leaving the .reg file *in the tomb raider folder* so you'll know where to find it..

I.e. incase you need to copy over to your new PC again :)