View Full Version : Installation Music?

30-04-09, 10:10
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if at anyone's TRL the music DID play during installation, there is a track called installation but it doesn't play at mine, does it at yours?

30-04-09, 12:40
When I installed it, there was no music either. Maybe they don't know how to do music on it:p

Sega Saturn
30-04-09, 13:37

30-04-09, 14:25
No, I never heard any track :confused:

30-04-09, 18:45
It's never played for me either. But the track is really lovely. I wonder why they didn't add it to the game, it would have sounded great in Ghana.

30-04-09, 20:36
Ahem (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=146623) :wve:

It's on the disc, and no, unfortunately for quite possibly some bug it doesn't play during installation :(

30-04-09, 21:23
There are some games that have music during installation like Prince of Prince 3 for instance. Tomb Raider Legend music for the installation is really nice but the programmers failed and didn't mind about veryfing or it was too hard for 'em which i doubt tough :p