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01-05-09, 19:28
I swear this is bloody typical... I got Phantasy Star Portable delivered today. I played for 2 hours then my PSP ran out of charge. I try charging it and nothing happens. No light... nothing. I've been trying to figure whether it is the battery or the AC charger. PSP's can run just on AC without a battery in right? Tried it and it wouldn't turn on so i'm guessing its the charger?

It totally sucks :( 2 hrs of my game and now I can't play it until I buy a new battery or charger.

What do you think?

TR cheatfinder
01-05-09, 19:35
Have you checked that the charger is plugged in, plug switch turned on, inserted correctly into PSP and Plug Switch. Is so, double-check. It might be damaged, dropped or something, that moves a circuit about and then whatever charges it can't. Contact Sony. ;)

God Horus
01-05-09, 19:44
If you take the battery out, plug the AC charger in and turn the PSP on, it should start. If it does not then that means it is the charger. You can just get a new one, they are not that expensive. I have a USB charger and I plug one end into the PSP and the other end into anything that has a USB port, and is on, and it charges fine. It was so cheap too.

TR cheatfinder
01-05-09, 19:45
Also, if you have a PS3, stick that controller charger into the PSP...I think it's compatitable, unless you haven't got one...

01-05-09, 19:48
I've tried everything TR cheatfinder. God Horus I thought it might be the charger. I found this USB one on Game.co.uk. Cheap and has good reviews. What do you think? http://www.game.co.uk/PSP/Hardware/Accessory/~r326193/GAMEware-PSP-USB-Link-Charger-Cable/?recommended=GAME

02-05-09, 12:58
This happened to mine. Have a quick fiddle with all the sockets on the AC adaptor part, you know, the big boxy bit about halfway down. I did that and it started working again.

04-05-09, 06:09
Anything that runs on a rechargable battery also has some "unwritten rules" that MUST be obeyed. :mis:

1 ... When you first get the "toy/gadget" you should ALWAYS fully charge the batteries for at least 12-16 hours.
( NEVER be tempted into thinking that 2-3 hours will do )

2 ... AFAIK rechargable batties have a "memory" of sorts.
SO if you only charge them for 2-3 hours THE FIRST time, they tend to "remember" that this is the full charge ...
After that, no matter how long you leave them charging, For example 24 hours, their "memory" kicks in saying "cool....2-3 hours charge, I'm full !
The other 22 hours are just a waste.

3 ... Never recharge until the batteries are almost flat, as recharging when still almost full has the same effect as point #2
(just a note.... I have 8 rechargable batteries that I bought in 1996 .... I am still using them now, because I follow the "unwritten rules"

4 ... Maybe your PSP battery just needs replacing anyway?

5 ... Maybe ( as you suggest ) it is the AC charger?
( use a multimeter to check the terminal contacts, and see if a charge current is being sent down the wire )
If not.. then check the fuse in the mains plug ( it may have blown)

Pos 2 applies to old lead containing accumulators, modern ones don't have "memory effect".

Please don't circumvent the censor by any means, just type as is, f words will be asterisked automatically! :mis: