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02-05-09, 18:55
Hi all! :)

I just want make walkthroughs for TR1-TRU, and now i use the Fraps (full ver.) :) Thats very bad, because when i finish one level (approx 9 minute) the video file will be bigger than 1 gb! :yik: And this is so annoying, the converter is too slow. :o
Somebody can a better program for walkies? :) (i downloaded the gamecam 1.4, but i can use it :D)

Thank you!

02-05-09, 21:10
The reason Fraps generates large files is because it does not compress whilst recording. This makes the recording is as smooth as possible. You can then use any movie editor to compress it afterwards and then delete the raw files.

Personally this is the how I go about on-screen recording. But if you do not want to do this, I guess someone will soon give you a link to a different on-screen recorder :)

EDIT: Also, in Fraps, if your recordings are slow, you may wish to set Fraps to record at half the size of your screen rather than the full size.

02-05-09, 22:00
^or decrease the actual desktop/game resolution prior to recording - which will actually increase overall performance without sacrifing too much quality ;)

sorry I cant recommend any better applications since the only recorders I've used are cam studio (which is crappy for audio recording) and Zdsoft (which is a paid program with a free trial that places watermarks in the upper left.)

03-05-09, 07:20
Ok! Thank you very much for your help, i still using the fraps, but in half-size, and than i will convert the files with Total Video Converter. :)