View Full Version : A tiny white pixel on my screen..

Nerd For Life
02-05-09, 21:37
Hello. I just got a new monitor today and I notice that there's a tiny white dot on my screen. Any ideas what this is? :(

02-05-09, 22:28
No, but somethings a green one appears on mine:p

02-05-09, 22:34
^it can be exchanged generally, if within the period stated on the receipt. although I wouldn't recommend going through the manufacturer for an exchange as they may not exchange for just one dead pixel.

Nerd For Life
02-05-09, 23:13
Thanks for the replies, everyone. Yeah I think I'm gonna take it back to the shop... The guys said I had 15 days to take it back if something was wrong. I'm really sad, cuz it's brand new. :(

03-05-09, 00:08
it happens.. its not a total loss though if you can exchange it. ;)

Nerd For Life
03-05-09, 11:41
Shouldn't be a problem. I'm getting it exchanged tomorrow. :D Thanks for the kind replies, guys.

04-05-09, 05:50
Note for the future!!!

1. Most resellers don't exchange displays with dead pixels quantity less than 0,7% of the screen - this hits the industrial flaw limit.

2. Therefore if you want a completely flawless matrix (a natural choice), better ask to plug the display in and check via some monitor test, generally displaying 100% fill of black, white, red will show you if there are any dead pixels.