View Full Version : Which is your biggest achievement on a videogame?

04-05-09, 02:12
As the title says, which is your biggest achievement?

The one that causes you feel pride and that you actually accomplished a challenge :D

Maybe you finished a hard game, maybe you unlocked something, well whatever :D

(On any videogame)


I´ll start here...

-Finish Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation with all the secrets :D (I consider it a great achievement, ´cause I usually suck at collecting secrets :p)

-And completing the final stage of my fav DS game, on "insane" difficulty and not even a single mistake :D, I even recorded it :)

Action starts at 1:40


So go on and tell your biggest achivement(s) :D

Feel free to close if necesary

04-05-09, 02:22
Not sleeping during Legend's Kazakhstan motorbike level. Seriously. I often fell asleep.

Other than that..um..Playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles and unlocking everything up to all 7 Super Emeralds for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles respectively. I also beated Sonic Heroes for all 7 Chaos Emeralds and defeated Mecha Maddness.

Other than that I think I'm casual - even playing MGS or RE series I don't bother unlocking much - I just play for fun. :D

04-05-09, 08:36
Resident Evil 4, Pro Mode. In the course of completing this, I nearly managed to get the game, TV and PS2 all thrown out of the window, and myself thrown into the asylum. The shiny Laser-gun shaped taste of victory was ultimately sweet, but if I never go near another Capcom game on Hard mode I'll die a happy man

04-05-09, 09:45
Getting all characters on FF8 up to level 100
Achieving Aeris' level 4 limit break on disc 1
Collecting all secrets in TR2
Completing Metal Gear Solid 3 on Hard mode
Unlocking everything and breaking all records on Cool Boarders 2

That's about it but unless the game is one I really love, I wouldn't push myself to unlock everything. Well done on getting all those chaos emeralds Shark Blade - its one of the most frustrating things to achieve. :tmb:

04-05-09, 09:53
I played Bullet Witch for more than ten minutes! This is insanely good for me :p

04-05-09, 09:59
Tomb Raider Underworld speedrun, pretty much

04-05-09, 10:24
Finishing the dang Great Pyramid climb. I mean...How'd the developers do it? It's so freaking hard. I was like :jmp: when I finished it. I even danced around my room...OK enough info. o_o

Other than that nothing much.

Zelda master
04-05-09, 11:01
Resident Evil on hard... any of them...
Finishing Alone in the Dark on the Wii without skipping one part... damn this game just horrible, still enjoyable though...

04-05-09, 12:07
Passing Slayer on Expert in GH3, though it's gonna be back again in GH:Smash Hits.
Getting 5* on everything in Bass on GH:World Tour! :D
Passing Satch Boogie on Expert Guitar (solo F = :hea:)
Defeating the Dark Aeons in Final Fantasy X including Penance. But I'm broke after using Yojimbo to beat it. :(
Achieving 1st overall on a song in GHWT.

Dennis's Mom
04-05-09, 13:10
To this day I haven't had any feeling as satisfying as beating Nightmare for the 3rd time in Devil May Cry. That boss battle is the most insane ever. :D

04-05-09, 13:18
Finishing Halo on Legendary, Halo 2 on Legendary with additional skull effects and Halo 3 on Legendary on a first-time playthrough.

Also, getting uber stats in Final Fantasy X. Haven't beaten Penance yet though.

04-05-09, 14:15
After beating Tower of Lost Souls on Soul Calibur IV, I'm NEVER going back to that.;)

RE5 on Professional was extremely challenging for me, and I had amazing weapons. It was my stupid AI that would never heal me when I made a mistake!:p *cough,Jill and Wesker fight,cough* I honestly died like 24 times..

05-05-09, 16:00
Tomb Raider Underworld speedrun, pretty much

I saw it... It´s impressive :eek:

05-05-09, 16:30
Hmmm... I don't think I've done anything extraordinary in games. I find it quite challenging to even bother finishing a game I like now a days. I suppose finishing Final Fantasy XII last year was something to be proud of because it took bloody ages!

05-05-09, 16:39
Beating Penance/Dark Bahamut/Dark Magus Sisters (all three together) in Final Fantasy X.

Dodging 200 bolts in Final Fantasy X. Too annoying, not actually hard.
Beating Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII.
Getting all the high level spells in Final Fantasy IX.
Getting the unlimited ammo weapons in the Resident Evil series (mostly Zero).
Beating Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in Crushing Mode.

05-05-09, 17:00
Well, I guess you could count getting quite far on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers of time as an achievement. Other than that, there's...err...Well I unlocked all of the XBOX achievements for TRL...:) :o

Big E
05-05-09, 17:08
For me it would have to be finishing Red Dead Revolver. Man, that was tough, even on the easiest setting.

05-05-09, 17:11
Platinum on Re5


05-05-09, 17:19
Beating Penance/Dark Bahamut/Dark Magus Sisters (all three together) in Final Fantasy X.

Same here, this is no stroll in the park and the sense of achivement is overwhelming to say the least. Ruby & Omega weapon from FFVIII always give great satisfaction. :D

05-05-09, 18:28
I was 15 (8 years ago) and I completed Resident Evil 2 on Leon's second mission in 1 hour & 53 minutes. I didn't save or use any first aid sprays. I was so proud of myself! :jmp:

05-05-09, 18:40
Shooting all those stupid frogs and finally getting the Stealth in Metal Gear Snake Eater :D

Also, finishing Final Fantasy 8 as it took me months of playing it every night to beat....

05-05-09, 19:16
Finishing Halo on Legendary, Halo 2 on Legendary with additional skull effects and Halo 3 on Legendary on a first-time playthrough.

Also, getting uber stats in Final Fantasy X. Haven't beaten Penance yet though.

wow, you did halo 2 on legendary? thats intense!

05-05-09, 19:32
Well i have a few..:D

Completing every Final Fantasy game 100% without cheats :D
Killing 3 Dark Aeons on FFX...:mad:
Completing every TR game with all secrets :D
Completing Uncharted on Crushing
Completing RE5 on Pro mode
Completing KH1/KH2 on the hardest modes
Completing Project Zero aka Fatal Frame on Nightmare mode...but the actual thing you had to do to unlock Nightmare mode was harder...insane to be honest...:hea:

I cant think of any more at this moment in time :p

05-05-09, 19:34
Completing Tomb Raider Legend.
Hardest two hours of my life.

05-05-09, 19:40
completing TRU
completing Lego Indiana Jones
completing marvel ultimate alliance with no team members being KOed

05-05-09, 20:42
My list of achievements is very long.

What I'm still proud of is completing the first 3 TR games without cheats or walktrough within 2 weeks.

05-05-09, 20:50
My proudest achievment is this one

06-05-09, 00:20
My proudest achievment is this one

WOW Congrats on that! I didn't have the patience and time to do that so I just downloaded the save file for it :p LOL That's cool though that you went through it all cause I know how hard Metal Gear 4 is...That deserves mad props!! :cool:

06-05-09, 00:48
i got 100% trophies on alone in the dark, yay :p although blumin joe the joker gets platinum on resident evil 5 and dead space - so it feels like nothing lulz

playing oblivion for over 2 hours - srsly people this game is annoying im sorry. its overlong, everywhere looks the same and ugh i spent money on it lol. yes ino its an open world rpg but still - doesnt mean it's allowed to be boring (waits for people to criticize -_- )

completing dead space - me! the most easily scared person ever! completes dead space

06-05-09, 00:52
hmm just beating parts of games that I tried like 100 times and couldn't do in the past.
As for recently I would have to says beating RE5 on hard as my first time beating it :D

Sir Croft
06-05-09, 01:58
Finishing The Last Remnant, it's incredible how this game suddenly becomes incredibly boring.

06-05-09, 08:48
Erm i actually stuggled to think of big acheivements for myself, but i have played a lot of games soo....

Completing Resident Evil in about an hour (which i have done hundreds of times now)

Getting all chaos emeralds on sonic 1,2,3, knuckles, rush, rush adventure, advance 2 etc.

Getting all the achievements and characters on Resi 5 during the week of its release.

Completing Ecco the dolphin

Completing Halo 1 and 3 on legendary (and 2 on heroic)

Getting all the achievements on all crystal TR games.

But, even though it wasn't hugely an achievement, the games where i feel i have achieved the most by completing are:

Lost Odyssey (because i'd never really played long RPGs before)
Mass Effect (Because it took so damned long in a good way :p)
Star Wars KOTOR (Because i spent the whole game being good then joined Bastilla at the end. I actually felt guilty!)

And i'm sure there are lots more!!

Lara's Nemesis
06-05-09, 14:21
Finishing The Last Remamnant, it's incredible how this game suddenly becomes incredibly boring.

:D I know what you mean, I gave up on that game. The cutscenes were tedious.

Mine was probably being in the top 10 of the monthly rankings on Pro Evolution Soccer.

06-05-09, 17:42
I don't care about game achievements. Trophies, points, rewards are worthless to me, so I don't play to gain anything.

I play for the experience, the story, the fun. Games are a way for me to disconnect from reality. Forget my life every now and then.

Yuna´s Wish
06-05-09, 18:01
Killing Yiazmat and Omega Mk in Final Fantasy XII could be one. The same goes for Penance and the Dark Aeons in FFX. And defeating Trema and Paragon in FFX-2 felt like quite the achievement.

I also consider that defeating Willard in TR3 with pistols only is quite an achievement too :p All that time circling the arena without falling while shooting Willard and picking the artifacts is quite a task.

Finally, going through Resident Evil Code Veronica X in under 4 hours :o I´d do everything for A ranks in RE games.

06-05-09, 20:42
Getting all the Re5 trophies, including the Versus ones :D

06-05-09, 20:59
I'd say it varies depending on what you put more value in. But I'd consider just creating the game I want to create to be my crowning achievement.

06-05-09, 21:02
finishing Halo 2 on legendary mode :wve:

07-05-09, 20:49
My proudest achievment is this one

:eek: wow, that sounds really hard. Congrats :D... Big Boss ;)

07-05-09, 20:54
Beating Killer 7 on normal AND hard difficulty modes. (If ya don't know what game i'm talking about look it up on Wikipedia):jmp::jmp::jmp::D:D:D:ohn::ohn::ohn: