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04-05-09, 05:26
Hello :)

I just bought this new mic headset, and it's not very good at detecting sound. It'd not just this one though. It's happened with every mic I've tried.

I'm thinking it has to do with the computer itself and not the audio device. Perhaps the back ports are screwed.

Is there any other reason why this might be happening? Is there a way to fix it? I'd like to be able to talk on Skype without having to shout. Even shouting is difficult for it to detect. I can listen to music on it perfectly fine, however.

Help would be appreciated.


04-05-09, 05:33
1. right click the speaker (volume) icon in the system tray
2. adjust audio properties
3. go to "voice" tab
4. voice recording box..
5. select your recording device (mic) - should be your sound card if it is plugged into the soundcard. elsewise, if it is a USB headset.. choose that instead.
6. increase the volume (and thereby the sensitivity of the microphone) ;)

this can also be done on the standard volume mixer window when you double click the volume icon. if the microphone is not visible, go into:
options -> properties -> select the "recording" radio button -> put a check in the "microphone" box.

04-05-09, 05:34
Check sound control panel: Master volume and Mic volume.
Check Advanced sound settings there for Mic boost option, turn it on.
Check if your Mic is not affected by some other device interference (speakers, etc).

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Morning Chris :wve:

04-05-09, 05:36
morning to you as well Alex :wve:

just to add Saki, as a side note:
have you tried the option in Skype to allow it to automatically adjust your microphone volume?

ermm Ikas:confused:

04-05-09, 06:41
ermm Ikas:confused:

You can call me Saki, that's fine. ;)

This is the one I have:


Also, the volume on the mic is already set to maximum. It shows that it's recording the sound, but I have to speak very loudly. I've found no way to increase the mic sensitivity.

And yep, I've tried the test voice option in Skype aswell.

04-05-09, 07:27
My mic has similar problems to. Anyway, is that off Ebay? and if it is, are all the other microphones from there? Chinawholesalegifts.com sounds and probably is dodgy.

04-05-09, 07:41
Looks like that this mic is not omnidirectional, or the direction of maximum sensitivity is not the one it must be to work normally - i.e. crappy mic. Can you exchange it? Better look for a mic that placed in front of your mouth exactly, kind of airport dispatcher headset :)

04-05-09, 13:21
another thought dawned on me... make sure you are placing in proper input (not line in, but mic input)