View Full Version : Better standard definition picture on HD tv?

06-05-09, 16:14
I recently decided to hook my old PS2 back to my new TV. And I used the standard SCART leads to connect it. And I was thinking it would look better on an HD tv, but it doesnt. Problem is my games look really smudged and blurry. I tried a level in a game in a forest and all of the trees were just a smudge of green! Is there a way for me to get a better quality Standard Definition picture through an HD tv? My PS2 has no HDMI socket.

06-05-09, 16:35
As far as I understand, this is typical of having a low resolution device going to a high resolution TV. Unless you can lower the resolution of the TV, I don't know of any way make it any better.

06-05-09, 18:20
Try a S-video ps2 cable. I have my ps2 hooked up to my HD Tv using S-video and the quality is much better than scart.

I got mine in Maplin. There is always eBay though.

06-05-09, 18:47
A ps2 component cable like this might make things look a bit crisper, by running it in progressive scan if the game supports it, but other than upscale settings, there's nothing much you can do.

06-05-09, 19:45
be sure to go into your televisions menu/settings and enable the 430 resolution (standard definition). it should, upon using the console, automatically enable the standard definition - rather than trying to display it as 720 or 1080 (whatever the television's default resolution is). Our Television came with only the 720i resolution set, and we (I) had to enable the others.