View Full Version : Xbox 360 help.

09-05-09, 21:15
My fiancee has the MMORPG Final Fantasy 11, and yesterday, after a few month's absense, he tried to get back onto his game.

Everything seemed to be working just fine, with the exception of someone kind of error message about connection issues.

Well, my one year old daughter came back into our bedroom, and when my fiancee found her, the disc tray was open, and the disc was on the floor. Upon retrying the disc, it said that the disc was "unreadable", and that we needed to clean the disc and restart the system.

We figured that the disc in question was the issue, but upon buying a brand new copy today, we are still receiving the same message.

Another oddity is that the system seems to read every single disc BUT that one.. what should i do??

12-05-09, 10:15
Can you post the exact error message screenshot here (or both considering connection issues message)?