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09-05-09, 21:33
I keep clicking on sites on google and getting taken to other random sites..For example I just tried to go on Cats like Felix and got sent to a health and fitness website..It keeps happening. I've done a virus scan and found nothing? I use Firefox.

Help :(

09-05-09, 22:13
post a screenshot of google results please.
does the same happen with Yahoo and MSN search engines?
check the status bar at the bottom.. when you click the "search" button, do you see in the bottom left that it is redirecting to the IP address ?

if so.. this "virus" will not be found by anything. you must find and delete:


only do this though if the symptoms I've listed match what occurs on your computer. otherwise, you may be deleting a valid file. If the symptoms I've listed do not match what occurs on your system, please run and post the report of ardiag.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe) for review.

11-05-09, 19:30
Okay thankyou. It doesnt happen with every link so I'll look when it does happen. It's quite alot so it will be soon.

11-05-09, 20:05
Can you also go to Start > Run and type in: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts - when prompted, choose to open with Wordpad or Notepad. Can you then please copy and paste the whole document in your next reply, in between paste here tags? (as said below).

11-05-09, 20:59
^I'd add to that to use tags instead. Reason being... if the hosts file is being created by an AV application, it no doubt has links to all sorts of virus hosting sites etc.. and will keep those links from automatically parsing.

11-05-09, 21:01
^ I'll give you that one, I didn't think of that.

12-05-09, 19:21
Okay heres a screencap in action..Check what its MEANT to be going to at the bottom (Bebo) and what it IS going to at the top (Some PS3 thing)


I did the thing with wordpad but the document was huge and it wont let me post it..Do you want me to save it onto Rapidshare or something?

12-05-09, 19:36
I'm guessing that you have downloaded something from or clicked on something related to Bebo. That website (for whatever reason), has hidden iframes that loads 5 different Bebo pages. I'm going to investigate, to see if I can find out why...

You should stay away from Bebo like the plague to be honest.

And yeah, you can do - upload it to Rapidshare and post the link here.

12-05-09, 19:40

There you go :)

Thanks very much for investigating.

12-05-09, 20:13
Apparently, this guy owns the website: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=17959606 - The iFrames are just used to raise his (and other users) page views, which is pathetic.

And your host file is fine, nothing suspicious to report.

12-05-09, 20:26
That guy isn't on my friends list :(.

Is there any way to stop this?

12-05-09, 22:22
popup blocker.
don't go to that site

opera blocks the pop-up for me ;)