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15-05-09, 16:15
On my moms computer (its acer and vista thats all i know) only 1 speakers working.
We checked the sound jack and everythings plugged in. Whats wrong? :confused:
Oh and when we put headphones in the speaker its only 1 side that works. I tested it on my and my brothers comp and the mp3 player and its both sides working unless we put it into my moms comp.
And that switch that controlls the sound on the speaker if you turn it all the way down you can shut the speakers off. We did that and then turned it back on and no sounds coming through at all now.

15-05-09, 18:19
You possibly have a broken / loose connection on the sound jack. :(

1 .. Maybe the sound jack itself is faulty ... one of the connector pins inside is not making contact with the headphone/speaker plug.

2 .. Where the sound jack is soldered to the motherboard, one of the solder connections has come loose.

Which speaker does not work, the Left or Right one.? Is it the same side with the headphones also?

I suggest taking it to a repair shop and ask them to put in a NEW sound jack.
( It is not the sort of thing you can repair yourself, unless you are VERY good with a soldering iron, AND have the CORRECT replacement jack ) :)

15-05-09, 19:20
Its the right speaker thats not working. Thats the side that we plug the headphones into and on the headphones the right side doesn't make sound.

15-05-09, 19:20
Go into your sound settings (Control Panel > [choose classic view] > Sound) and under Playback, click on your device. Then click on the properties button, click the 'Levels' tab and click on the 'Balance' button. Ensure that both the levels (L and R) are the same amount, and if not - change them so they are equal.

16-05-09, 07:10
Still not working.
They were already at 100.

16-05-09, 07:17
Then it's more likely this:

2 .. Where the sound jack is soldered to the motherboard [soundboard], one of the solder connections has come loose.

17-05-09, 09:11
How can i fix it?
The computers brand new.

17-05-09, 13:05
Brand new?

If that is the case then it should still be covered by a warranty / guarantee.
Take / send it back to where you purchased it and tell them the problem.
A thing like that should easily be repaired or replaced free of charge, assuming it is still within the warranty period.