View Full Version : Unable to read disc

16-05-09, 19:23
I got Tomb Raider: Underworld for XBOX 360 some months ago. It played fine up until I got three-quarters of the way through the level, 'Protected By The Dead,' then suddenly stopped and gave me the message; 'This Disc is unreadable,' and told me to clean it or restart the console (which I did.) The disc doesn't seem to have any scratches. All my other game discs read fine.

Funny thing is, I can insert it into the drive, it'll read it up until I select 'Resume Game.'

I am really at wits end here, and I really wanna continue to play. :(

I appreciate any help.

19-05-09, 22:31
Try getting it professionally cleaned? Blockbuster stores do it for like 2.

20-05-09, 04:25
Or you could just put a little rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and wipe the disc radially (in long streaks from the center out to the edge--not circles).