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16-05-09, 22:24
Tyrannosaurus rex.

As in all cases of binomial nomenclature, you capitalize the genus name, never the species name. And there is no plural form, therefore you may enounter a single Tyrannosaurus or a pack of Tyrannosaurus, but not "Tyrannosauruses," "Tyrannosauri," or "Tyrannosaurus rexes."

Of course, if you refer to other members of my family but not necessarily my genus (i.e. Daspletosaurus, Albertosaurus, etc.) we are collectively called Tyrannosauridae, or tyrannosaurs.

And now for a note about abbreviation. The Genus name is abbreviated with a period, not a dash, and the species name is never, ever capitalized. So that would be T. rex, not T. Rex or T-Rex. Similarly, your and your kind are H. sapiens if we wanted to abbreviate and not H-Sapiens, get it?

Having written this all now, I will trust all of you to commit it to memory. If not, I will find your real address, visit your house, and murder you. This message brought to you by the Cretaceous God-King.

16-05-09, 22:29
Okay...i didn't get any of that! lol :)

Sorri, just...those r looooooong words! lol :D

16-05-09, 22:31
I had a witty reply prepared as I read this, but now I'm just scared. Yes, Mr Tyrannosaurus, Sir.

*hides* :p

16-05-09, 22:34
I'll keep it in mind ;)

But you can't murder me because >I'm a ninja and you're a silly dinosaur<

16-05-09, 22:39
That was interesting! Ok Mr T. rex :D

Now please don't kill me ;)

16-05-09, 22:41
I hadn't realized that dinosaurs had evolved intelligence on that scale :eek:

Sounds very Dinotopia to me ...

16-05-09, 22:44
I hadn't realized that dinosaurs had evolved intelligence on that scale :eek:

Sounds very Dinotopia to me ... HaHa! :D lol

16-05-09, 22:45

16-05-09, 22:46
I just got an image of a peeved Tyrannosaurus wearing spectacles, typing this out on a keyboard (with some difficulty because of their ridiculously small forelegs).

Very informative however! :tmb:

16-05-09, 23:08
Like this really required a thread.

Anyway, to save further spam, closed.