View Full Version : burning ps1 game through legal backup

17-05-09, 23:02
my friend need some help , basically he left his 6 year old sister in his room on her own while he had final fantasy 9 on, she thought it was a funny joke to throw it at the wall, now it has a big crack on the disk and wont load

he has a legal backup of the game on his pc that he made with the disc with img and ccd files i think, he burnt them on to a disk and it loaded upto the playstation logo then froze i was wondering if anyone knew of any way to do this and btw he has a modded ps1 just incase his games broke

18-05-09, 00:29
We do not support piracy here pneboy whether your "friend" has a legal version or not, this is not the place to ask how to copy games.

18-05-09, 00:44
i am sorry, thought it was ok to make a legal backup copy

Ward Dragon
18-05-09, 00:46
i am sorry, thought it was ok to make a legal backup copy

I thought so too but it looks like it's not legal to circumvent copy protection that a company like Sony places onto its discs, even if you just want your legal backup copy. I tried backing up one of my PS1 games awhile back and when I researched into it I couldn't find a legal way to do it so I gave up :o

18-05-09, 01:07
call me crazy, but if the backup is already made - we had not a single hand in aiding that process. therefore, I'd look into emulation software to play what is already on the computer.