View Full Version : Technical problem (not related to bugs, I think)

18-05-09, 19:36
Sometimes (actually, quite often) when I load a save of AoD, the game closes and this pops up.


It's starting to become infuriating. It's usually with downloaded save files but sometimes with my own.

It never used to do this. So can anyone help?

18-05-09, 20:47
I'm not sure but I think that the GAME_ERROR_STRUCTURE things are to do with outdated drivers... I think.

Update your drivers and then try.

18-05-09, 20:56
Drivers for what? *is thick* But thanks for helping <3

22-05-09, 05:32
"maximum_123" mean graphics drivers or your video card drivers, and maybe sound drivers may also help, and if you don't know the model and all, just post here the Diagnose (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) report and we will look for you. And also try to use same game files version from your game, because some versions may not be so compatible