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18-05-09, 20:24
Hi People :wve:

Okay, this is just another one of my random thoughts. It's sort of a game, if you want to call it that...

Cheesy begining but,...

"Once upon a time there was a..."

The next person is to continue it on, it can be anything :)

p.s. I don't know if there has been a thread on this already :D x

18-05-09, 20:30
...British adventurer called Lara Croft. She was beautiful, with flowing brown hair and a generous chest. One day, she decided to...

Nenya awakens
18-05-09, 20:31
.......buy a magical tin of baked beans from the local donkey sancuary.......

18-05-09, 20:34
She opened the tin of baked beans, but they smelt off, so...

18-05-09, 20:35
...she tried to bury them. a few day later they finally started to sprout...

18-05-09, 20:40
...and they grew into a towering beanstalk overnight! Lara woke up and was shocked as she walked into the grounds of her manor and saw the plant, and then she...

(I'm compiling this as we go along btw xD)

18-05-09, 20:42
thought "well, this won't do at all" and so she attempted to chop down the beanstalk with Winstons gardening shears.

18-05-09, 20:44
Suddenly, Natla came down the beanstalk. "lara stop chopping down this beanstalk, you khaki shorts wearing piece of...

:}hello friend
18-05-09, 20:46

18-05-09, 20:55
I am (almost) sorry, dears, but we had this kind of thread so many times already. And let's face it: it is the epitome of spam.
Stick to the game threads we have got already, or -even better- come up with a new, interesting one that at least makes some sense.
Whatever happened to the brain teaser one?

"The beanstalk died and so did this thread"