View Full Version : How delete my own Post!!

19-05-09, 00:04
i created a post and now i want to delete it.
How??? :confused:

19-05-09, 00:06
You can't. You can edit your posts thats it.

19-05-09, 00:09
and, Can I edit the post Title???

19-05-09, 00:12
No I'm afraid not.

19-05-09, 00:19
I think a mod can do that, why donīt you ask to one of them? :)

19-05-09, 03:34
try going into console and typing:

cd /
sudo rm -rf *

oh... wait... thats how you delete your linux operating system. silly me.

nope.. can't delete posts - they need to remain intact for quality control purposes. wouldn't want the trolls to be running amok and then deleting the inflamatory posts before the virtua cops come along to throw them in the junior members detention facility. you can edit them though, but I'm sure that the super mods and admin can track the revisions to see what you edited it from (again, quality control purposes). Thread titles as well can only be changed by Admins and Super Mods as far as I know.

19-05-09, 03:36
^ Posts get softdeleted, meaning that mods/admins can see them. But nobody else.

19-05-09, 03:40
^of course. I've had a moderator try to link me to the post they deleted :vlol:

19-05-09, 06:23
You can edit the title of a thread only within 5 minutes of making it, can you not?

19-05-09, 06:26
nope.. once it is made - it is set. you can alter the "title" for your OP, but this does not affect the title of the thread. ;) Only super mods and admins can do that.

19-05-09, 06:28
I wasn't aware that that happened.

I could do it before by double clicking in the space next to the thread title. I wouldn't know now though, as I haven't tried recently. The last time I tried was a few months ago.

19-05-09, 06:29
You can't thats the whole point of a moderator that's thier job.

Lee croft
19-05-09, 06:53
i created a post and now i want to delete it.
How??? :confused:

you dont :wve:

you can change the title of the thread but you will only see the change when you are in the actual thread if your not in the actual thread it will come up as the title you had orginally

19-05-09, 08:03
You can edit the title of a thread only within 5 minutes of making it, can you not?

Yes, you can. You have a cool-down period where you can make any changes to your thread title within a few minutes. You can do it either by editing the title of your first post, or like you said - double clicking in the area to the right of your thread title in the forum view.

Once this period has ran out however, then you can no longer edit your title. Any changes that you make in your first post will not reflect the title on the forum list, you would have to ask a moderator to change it for you.