View Full Version : Can any of you Finnish speakers help me here please...

19-05-09, 17:10
I can't find any translation of it, and it doesn't work on translation websites.

Basically, the Finnish band Kingston Wall, I really like. And I want to know what one of their song titles mean. Stuldt Hjt is the name.

In the song also, on lyric websites, it also has those two words at the point where Petri Walli seems to say something like 'I hate this game'.

It's bugging me and I don't know where else to ask.

Thanks in advance.

19-05-09, 18:35
I don't think that's finnish, isn't a finnish letter is it?
At least that's what a friend, who is estonian and speaks finnish, said. :)

19-05-09, 18:37
I am from Finland... But that name is not finnish name. (=
I meant the Stuldt Hjt.

19-05-09, 18:45
I am from Finland... But that name is not finnish name. (=
I meant the Stuldt Hjt.

What language do you reckon it is?

19-05-09, 18:46
We use in our language and so does Denmark and possibly Sweden, but that name is not familiar to me at all.

Edit: I just tried to translate it from Swedish to English, but no results. :(

19-05-09, 18:46
I'm finnish and I believe that it might be swedish. Don't know what it means.

19-05-09, 18:52
:rolleyes: good job, Mr. Bear. :tmb:

19-05-09, 18:52
Or Swedish, Norway, Denmark ;)

MrBear, in Sweden is :D

19-05-09, 18:54
Can't be Swedish, they don't have ''. :) (edit: I'm 84 % sure, anyway)

We've got a mystery on our hands. :pi:

The swedish alphabet does include the , letter.

Just for correction. :)

19-05-09, 18:54
:rolleyes: (stupid moment edited out...)

Embarassment befalls me... :o

19-05-09, 18:55
They have ;)
Example one town in Finland is in swedish "bo"

19-05-09, 18:55
The Swedish alphabet includes both '' and '', and they're two completely different letters.

The title/name in question is not in Swedish though.

19-05-09, 19:00
Might be Danish? :confused:

19-05-09, 19:05
or icelandic?

I don't even think that j works very well, might be mistaken though.

19-05-09, 20:58
Searching for it on Google, I only found several finnish forums with the same question and no answer. It also seems the first word is spelt "stldt", not "stuldt".

Doesn't mean anything in finnish, that much I can tell you. Probably doesn't mean much in any language known to the public.

The Swede
19-05-09, 21:33
A longshot...

Stuldt Hjt could be "Stulen Hojt" in swedish.

Stolen Moonshine...?


And yes, we have , , in swedish....

20-05-09, 08:30
That's a very good idea Swede, it could be that.

Here are the lyrics just incase you might see a resemblance, like Swede did there.

As the round comes to an end we go around it
again till we've got no need to pretend
you'll find an endless space in there and it's in
every word you say
still the main things to be aware of
If seriousness comes along
there is always for you this song
to take you back as you're going wrong
If we cannot move I'm sure
it's because it's all so new
still the oldest just new for you
It's because it's all so new
and still the oldest just new for you
"The finnish mythology includes a masterkey to the
understanding of the uni-verse and all myths:
A system of 29 sounds with own meanings based on
the ROT (root)-language, the first language
in his story of mankind.
But as it's completely rational, don't forget