View Full Version : Enlarging Images with little/no Quality Loss

20-05-09, 00:15
Hi, does anyone no of any programs that can enlarge images say from 800x600 to 1024x768? But still keeping the quality as good as possible. Thanks in advance.

20-05-09, 00:24
no... thats not really possible without passing it through some blur and/or sharpen filters. Blur to soften the pixelation, sharpen to enchance the softened edges. I'd say give GIMP a shot.

20-05-09, 00:25
Okay, I'll try that with Paint.NET tomorrow, thanks spikejones :)

20-05-09, 00:36
There is no way to do it from a digital source without distortion as it has a defined quality.

So in a word...no. Sizing down is always best.

20-05-09, 02:39
well... I just had another thought, since I've done it before. It requires printing a good quality photograph/image, the scanning it back into the computer at the highest dpi your scanner can handle. If you've got an all in one device - you're all set. Just use some no-gloss photo paper rather than document paper for best results.

Sir Croft
20-05-09, 03:35
There's this Photoshop plug-in called BlowUp by Alienskin, it's not lossless, but the quality loss is quite little, specially going from 800x600 to 1024x768. It's not free, though.

20-05-09, 09:08
If you send me the picture that you want enlarged I could always give it a try for you.

20-05-09, 11:01
I tried this yesterday with an 800x600 picture which I made 1280x1024. I sent it through 3 extreme sharpenings and it looked okay. :)

20-05-09, 16:30
You can't squeeze blood from a turnip. It may look fine on the screen. When a upsized photo is printed, it will look pixelated and have artifacts.