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20-05-09, 00:05
Hey guys, i've been thinking a lot about getting a tomb raider related tattoo recently, as it is the only thing i would really go for. I found this thread http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=146129&highlight=tattoo where those guys have awesome tomb raider tattoos, but i'm not sure if i would want lara on my arm (it might send out the wrong message :p)

Instead, i was wondering if anyone had suggestions for designs etc. which would work. I was thinking about the logo from TR2, or the scion... but i'm not sure.

20-05-09, 00:08
maybe lara croft's signature? :rolleyes:

20-05-09, 00:15
I REALLY want to get a Lara tattoo as well, and wanted some ideas.. so pretty nice thread you got here.

Found this on Google, it's awesome! But maybe a bit smaller..


Besides Lara, my other options were my zodiac sign (Aquarius), a cross, or a heart that said mom.. alright kidding about that last one.. :vlol A heart that says dad.

But I'm probably going to get it some time this summer, if all goes well.. not telling my parents, but hey I'm 18, why do I have to? :p

20-05-09, 01:11
I have this. It's japanese for pain. I like kanji [japanese symbols] and this was appropriate for the time that i got it.
It's on my hip, but I cant find the photo of it! :S

If there is something you would like in kanji, google image search 'kanji +word'

20-05-09, 01:38

It's a matter of personal taste, but I find tattoos like that so ugly. If it were me, I'd get something like a simplified graphic of the scion, just in black.


20-05-09, 01:40
^Thats the sort of suggestion i meant, i just think that if i were to get the scion, i would have to choose between classic and anniversary, and i dont know whether it would look in black etc. etc.

I'm so indecisive.

20-05-09, 02:33
Actually, the scion looks pretty bad ass.. or imagine.. the DAGGER OF XIAN! :eek:


In it's low-2d graphics resolution, it'd look so purty. :D

20-05-09, 03:00
haha well i think perhaps the dagger of xian would work too, although i'm quite fond of the logo used throughout tomb raider 2 (allthough im worried it might have some real life mafia significance or something :p)

The dagger of xian would look great with some sort of pattern surrounding it (e.g. some mystical aura like that caused during that opening cutscene)