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20-05-09, 00:34
Got the idea a few minutes ago, plus the fact that it's been raining for days has me bored.. :vlol:

How's the weather where you're at in the world? Don't have to be specific, just describe it in a few words.

I'll start us off with a fictional example. :p

Rain, rain, and more rain.. for the past couple days its been raining off and on.

20-05-09, 00:38
Hot night, hot night and more hot night... for the past couple days it's been hot everywhere... Lol.

Really, the night is hot as h**, that's the problem of living almost above the Equator's Line.

:}hello friend
20-05-09, 00:43
Cold.... Flooding, Tornadoes... these past few weeks

20-05-09, 00:57
How embarrassing. I don't usually pay attention to the weather since I'm inside a lot :o But it was raining today I remember that since I had to walk through it T_T

Right now it's cold outside since it's night and the sky is orange/pink/grey/dark blue. It looks awesome.

Helheim's God
20-05-09, 01:06
It has been strangely warm and sunny here these past few weeks which isn't normal for here in Northern Ireland. The last few days it has been making up for that though, the rain when it comes on falls fast and hard, the drains near me became a bit clogged.
I did miss the rain though, there is something strange about it that I find relaxing and I enjoy walking in it. The more there is and the harder it falls, the better I think :D

20-05-09, 03:38
Getting cold now that it's almost winter here :(

Legend Killer
20-05-09, 03:43
Very pleasant and comfortably cool in the Northeast US quadrant atm. The heat is coming though. :tmb:

20-05-09, 03:56
Its been raining here almost all day :D

I love to walk on the streets with my friend on rainy days :)

20-05-09, 04:27
Sweltering heat for WEEKS with MINIMAL rain. Thank god for all the air conditioned malls!!!! :D

20-05-09, 04:44
It has been raining a lot lately, but its died down today and it's hot and humid. Ugh...

20-05-09, 06:08
its raining and pouring
the old man is dying in pain

whatever that poem is

yeh its raining heaps in Sydney

20-05-09, 06:24
It's raining down here in the Gong as well. Temperatures are hanging around 15-20 degrees.

20-05-09, 07:32
Weather's great. Too bad this lousy city doesn't have any places to enjoy it.

20-05-09, 07:36
The weathers nice here today, its sunny at the moment...

But hey, this is England. Give it 5 minutes and it'll be raining! :p

20-05-09, 08:10
Cool 40F (5C).

20-05-09, 08:14
Raining, raining, raining.

Absolutely bucketing down.

It sucks.

20-05-09, 08:55
The sun's rays are shining brightly through the fluffy clouds turning the sea into a mirror of twinkling light. A very nice view from my window this morning.:cln::)

20-05-09, 09:32
Hey, I had made a thread like this in September, I think!:D

So, today it's very sunny and quite hot...25*C I think!....
Summer is coming!!!!:jmp::jmp::jmp:

20-05-09, 11:59
Cold front brought the temp down to 80 degrees Fahrenheit :jmp: (I'm in Texas :hea:)

Clear skies - heating back up. :(

20-05-09, 12:09
:oErmm quite strange actually, light bits with gray patches hah, no sun though :( Booo

20-05-09, 12:31
it keeps doing like tropical rain? (really heavy ) and then goes to be sunny then goes to being rainy again :/ it's so irritating.

20-05-09, 12:40
^ Same here. It's so indecisive. Grr.

20-05-09, 12:41
depressingly cloudy and wet as usual. I hope we get "summer" soon. I could benefit from some sun.

20-05-09, 13:09
I was thinking of making a similar thread, but I abandoned the idea:p
Its nice and sunny here, but not particularly hot, just warm:)

20-05-09, 13:35
It's dull, cloudy and raining here :(. I'm hoping for the weather to pick up next week, because then I can try out my new bike with Jamie :jmp:.

EDIT: Just checked the weather on the BBC and it's looking good :D.

Friday day weather


White Cloud
Max: 17C 63F
Sunrise: 05:00

Saturday day weather


Max: 20C 68F
Sunrise: 04:59

Sunday day weather


Sunny Intervals
Max: 20C 68F
Sunrise: 04:58

20-05-09, 15:45
cloudy and sunny

not bad aye :)

20-05-09, 16:37
Brilliant sunshine here in London. :tmb:

Chocola teapot
20-05-09, 16:39
Rainy and cold-ish

20-05-09, 16:47
It's rather pleasing her at the moment, sunny and slightly warm, just hope it lasts. :)

20-05-09, 17:39
Its pretty good. I love hot days but in my room in the morning its been REALLY cold recently so I've been sleeping with my socks on LOL. Winter coming up, Oh Noez. I hate winter. All wet and cold. Much rather be nice and warm ^^

20-05-09, 17:50
Its pretty good. I love hot days but in my room in the morning its been REALLY cold recently so I've been sleeping with my socks on LOL. Winter coming up, Oh Noez. I hate winter. All wet and cold. Much rather be nice and warm ^^

What are the winters like in Australia? :p

20-05-09, 17:54
Well it was sunny this morning then it rained then it was sunny again but very windy and it still is :D

20-05-09, 18:07
It's been pretty sunny all day here in Scotland. :)

20-05-09, 19:13
Sunny today, but it's suppose to rain later.. :(

young Lara Croft
20-05-09, 19:42
cloudy ! hope it's going to rain! :D

20-05-09, 19:48

Melonie Tomb Raider
20-05-09, 20:03
Really warm out, I went swimming for two hours and got really tanned. :eek:

Super Badnik
20-05-09, 20:04
It's actually been quite nice today:D

20-05-09, 20:05
sunny.tommorow on my day off I'm goin to the beach to catch some rays and some waves...oh yeah baby!!:cool::yah:

20-05-09, 20:10
It rained. Oh how I love British weather... and I'm not being sarcastic :p.

Dark Lugia 2
20-05-09, 20:15
^ :eek: *Hi-5's*

I thought I was the only one who likes rain haha

God Horus
20-05-09, 22:00
It's so nice and warm outside. It's the first time I've worn shorts since last September :eek:

young Lara Croft
21-05-09, 05:56
It's hot outside , it didn't rain or anything and this got me mad cause I can't stand the heat!

21-05-09, 06:04
Heat waves. :hea:

21-05-09, 06:44
Unbelievable amounts of rain. I was going to type that I missed my droughty old state, but where I would have been is flooded and suffering from 100km/h winds - whole barbeques have been blown from balconies :eek:

21-05-09, 07:34
Started off with a blue sky but quickly clouded over. Chance of rain today.

TR love
21-05-09, 07:44
My kind of weather, drab dreary and POURING DOWN RAIN!

21-05-09, 08:48
What is the Summer like in the U.K?

And What is California's Summer and Winter like. I heard it is reasonably nice through the winter.

Aussies Winter is generally mild i think its still reaching above 15 and 20 there :O lucky lol. its 0 here at 8.55 pm. Weird how we have such different weather patterns and we are so close!

21-05-09, 08:52
In the morning it was windy and cloudy, but now it's awesome!
Hot and sunny!:jmp:

21-05-09, 10:26
Fa freddo! It's cold, foggy and it has been raining lately.

21-05-09, 11:14

21-05-09, 11:19
Bright blue sky's here :D gutted peeps XD

21-05-09, 11:33
It was a glorious day this morning - sun was at its brightest, not a cloud in the sky, and deliciously hot :cln:

But now ugly white and grey clouds are starting to cover up the sky. Sad times. :(

22-05-09, 17:59
It was so hot and sunny today here!
30*C I think....

Legend of Lara
22-05-09, 18:01
It's a bright, warm-ish day. 13 degrees out. A perfect day for staying inside and not doing much of anything. :p

22-05-09, 18:20
It was quite hot and sunny all day:)

22-05-09, 18:25
Had generally a good week weather wise, lots of sun and not a bad temperature. Sad I know but I wish it could say around 23C all summer as its probably the best its gonna get

22-05-09, 19:05
Its hot here and around 30 degrees.

young Lara Croft
22-05-09, 19:33
it's cloudy but no rain! :(

Siberian Tiger
22-05-09, 20:17
It's been a lovely sunny and comfortably warm day here. I think it's to remain that way over the entire weekend which is a bit gash because I'm working during the day. Ah well, can enjoy it on my lunch breaks. :p

23-05-09, 10:14
Beautiful day today - Blue sky, very little in the way of cloud and quite warm.
Wish I could be at somewhere like Brighton Beach, but no :(

23-05-09, 10:16
Around 30 degrees I think...
Clear sky, really sunny and hot!:jmp:

23-05-09, 11:55
Not as good as yesterday, a slight cool breeze:D

23-05-09, 12:05
Freakin raining since morning, ALWAYS when I have a day off. ALWAYS.

It's obviously bound to be sunny tomorrow, as I go to work...

23-05-09, 12:06
perfect. It rained last night and now it's cool and sunny.. just perfect

23-05-09, 12:45
it's sunny here in london, i might aswell enjoy my sunbathing :)

23-05-09, 12:47
Gloomy, windy, and cold in Scotland!

Nerd For Life
23-05-09, 13:30
It just stopped raining and now the Sun is peeking out.

23-05-09, 14:03
Sunny.. Hot. :D

23-05-09, 14:16
Grey and cold boo :p

23-05-09, 20:22
POURING here! And my phone fell in the rain and is messed up now.. *sigh*.. :hea:

Still works, but speaker phone doesn't work, going to get a new one tomorrow hopefully, at least a replacement cause mine is still under warrenty.

23-05-09, 20:38
hot,hot,HOT BURNING sun in may!!!!!!we have no window shutters at school and we FRY!!!!!!i can't imagine what it will be like in june and i don't think i'll manage :hea:

23-05-09, 20:43
Ahhh it's almost 10pm and it's still light...a little blue sky left of today...:D
very humid all day here today...until about 7pm then it was sunny:D and clear sky I love blue skies:hug:

24-05-09, 11:46
Absolutely glorious sunshine today. Not a cloud in the sky, and warmer than yesterday :jmp:

24-05-09, 12:01
Very sunny and hot today:D

30-05-09, 13:22
Blue sky and hot, more of a breeze today then it was yesterday.

30-05-09, 13:24
Summer's a coming at last!

30-05-09, 13:25
OMG! It's too hot...I'm starting to get headaches :o

30-05-09, 13:26
about 33C high today, partly cloudy.

30-05-09, 13:45
Flaming hot over here O_O'

30-05-09, 13:45
Yesterday it was ROASTING! My face got slightly sun burnt...:o Today its not as hot but we have every window open and its still warm :(

30-05-09, 14:03
O_o it snowed ( well not here but not far away in another town.)
Here It's been raining for 3 days and it's really chilly

30-05-09, 14:04
Hot! Hot!

*spoken like the chilli in the subway ad*

30-05-09, 14:15
Hot, bit cloudy and a nice warm wind. Lovely :D

Though I think I just managed to get a slight sunburn. Arms are a bit red.. Meh.

God Horus
30-05-09, 14:18
It's really nice outside today! It's really warm but there are some nice cool breezes.

It'll probably get way hotter in a few hours.

30-05-09, 14:27
It was cold in the morning, but now it's warm, although a little bit windy.

30-05-09, 14:44
Hot, clear and bright. Unfortunately. -_-

30-05-09, 15:12
reallii hot surprisingly

amazing weather today:jmp:

30-05-09, 15:15
It's hot and a little overcast, but still too sunny. I wish it would storm again.

30-05-09, 15:16
Hot and sunny, with a nice breeze :)

30-05-09, 16:25
righty now in Yuma, Arizona, USA it is

82 degrees F
and the low is 70 degrees F/ and the high is 98 degrees F

im dreading summer, like in July, it usually gets to at least 110 degrees F. last year or the year before that the highest it got was 118 degress F. the weather sucks here. but its not really at all humid, which is worse.

31-05-09, 13:05
still cold...:(

31-05-09, 13:14
Hot :)

31-05-09, 13:16
Sunny,warm and bright. We are due to have a heatwave for a few weeks (apparently!), so I hope this weathers stays!:)

31-05-09, 13:18
It's hot here (Portugal, north), 35C during the afternoon, and at night it may decrease to 27, and less

Nitro Typhoon
31-05-09, 13:19
25 degrees here, hottest day of the year so far! :D

31-05-09, 21:12
18C horrible gray sky.

31-05-09, 21:21
Great weather, about 25 Celcius. pity it's not going to last.

31-05-09, 21:32
hows the weather? im bloody MELTING D= i cant stand the heat any longer

31-05-09, 22:19
Oh my, it's been LOVELY today. Revision has gone out the window (quite literally) I've been on the lawn ALL day just soaking up the rays. Too bad I've got exams all next week! :o

01-06-09, 01:33
Raining. :mad:

01-06-09, 07:15
Sunny and hot :cool:

young Lara Croft
01-06-09, 08:27
clowdy I think it's going to rain! :)

01-06-09, 08:29
It's sunny and hot!!!:D:jmp:

01-06-09, 08:49
Beautiful and sunny!:D Due to stay like this all week.:)

01-06-09, 08:58
Rainy.. and I have a feeling it's gonna be like this for another week

01-06-09, 10:38
Absolutely beautiful here by the sea!:cln:

01-06-09, 12:27
Sunshine all the way and no wind at all :D

01-06-09, 15:05
SUNNY...HOT!....Perfect book reading weather:D

01-06-09, 16:05
Sunny, Humid, Hot.

It doesn't suit this country though to be honest.

01-06-09, 16:08
hot hot hot!

01-06-09, 16:11
Very nice. Sunny, but not hot and a little bit windy.

Nerd For Life
01-06-09, 16:18
Too hot. I strongly dislike this weather.

01-06-09, 16:26
It's very nice. Sunshine all the way, baby! A little windy, though, but it's okay.

01-06-09, 17:11
The weather is beautiful so can't complain, come wednesday though it's expected to turn so i'm enjoying it while it last. :D

01-06-09, 19:42
Sunny in sunny South Africa.

Best place in the world to live.

04-06-09, 17:37
It was very nice again here in Brighton by the sea. I took a photo on my journey along the seafront whilst listening to my ipod.:)


04-06-09, 17:39
It was very nice again here in Brighton by the sea. I took a photo on my journey along the seafront whilst listening to my ipod.:)


You know its funny, we have Brighton in Australia too. Its by the sea, in Melbourne, and is also known for its gay population!

Its wierd how similarly named towns in Australia and England are alike in other ways too :p

04-06-09, 17:40
^^^You live in a really nice place!!!

Here it's cool, a bit windy and cloudy though....:(

04-06-09, 18:22
Dark and rainy, just the way I like it. :D

04-06-09, 18:24
Wasn't so great today, I wish it would go back to the warmth of last week:p

15-06-09, 18:15
Has been sunny earlier, but just had a thunderstorm move through :cool:

15-06-09, 18:19
Fine. It's been sunny and quite hot all day, a couple of cloudy moments. We're getting a storm later apparently though lol.

15-06-09, 19:14
Hot and sunny!:D

15-06-09, 19:48
fresh :D

Croft, Lara
15-06-09, 19:49
Started off sunny. Then thunderstorms and torrential rain. (over exaggeration!) followed by general niceness.

Lovely sunny Doncaster.

15-06-09, 19:50
Similar here, thunderstorm followed by a large amount of rain not long ago. Another thunder storm has started up.

15-06-09, 19:51
*looks out the window*
Well, it's... it would've been nice and sunny if the sun was still up. :pi:

15-06-09, 21:24

15-06-09, 21:27
This all happend today.

Hot, Humid, Cloudy, Overcast and Rain.

Nerd For Life
15-06-09, 21:29
^Same here.

15-06-09, 21:43
Hell Hot :mad:..:p

15-06-09, 22:07
Typical Texas weather.
It is ninety eight degrees as I write.

15-06-09, 22:08
Cloudy and 65F.

15-06-09, 22:56
A humid 79 Degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy it looks like it might rain soon and I sure hope so.

16-06-09, 07:28
Sunny, but freezing cold.

But I was happy because it was sunny enough that I could wear my sexy sunglasses on the way home.


16-06-09, 08:15
The weather is just dandy!!:D Need to go to the beach.:cln:

16-06-09, 09:01
Lovely and warm, but a bit breezy :D.